Justin Bieber got arrested (possibly violating his probation)

Justin Bieber

This may come as a surprise to you, but Justin Bieber did something stupid today. I know, I'm utterly shocked. My socks have been knocked clean off my feet and have rocketed across the room. What a marvelous break from the norm this has been. Except this time, it happened in Canada, and he got arrested. So actually, this is almost kind of a surprise inasmuch as we all knew he'd be arrested, we just didn't know when. TMZ reports ... Justin MORE

Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino: Arrested at a tanning salon!

Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino

Pull up a chair kids, and grandpappy Feist will tell y'all about a magical time long, long ago. A time when Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino was a thing. I remember it like it was yesterday ... the year was 2009. Avatar was the biggest movie of the year, the iPhone 3S had just been released, and some garbage f*ckin' song by The Black Eyed Peas was vomitin' outta any and every speaker imaginable. It was a dark time, one that could only be made MORE

Justin Bieber’s arrest video is under review before a possible release

Justin Bieber

A couple weeks back, we reported that Justin Bieber had another video of him taking a leak floating around out there, and it could be released because of Florida's open records law. Except now a judge is closely reviewing it to make sure it's appropriate for release. Billboard reports ... "The right of privacy cannot trump the right of access to public records," said Deanna Shullman, the attorney for the AP and several other media outlets. "My MORE

Let’s talk: Justin Bieber’s mugshot

Justin Bieber Mugshot

Well, you know the drill: Justin Bieber got arrested early this morning in Miami Beach for drag racing while inebriated (a combo of drugs and alcohol), so here comes the inevitable mugshot, via Gawker. Now, this next part is about to get ranty, but I'm just going to go through everyone's reactions to Justin Bieber's arrest and point out the flaws in those arguments ... Reaction #1: Justin Bieber's just a kid, we should be going easy on MORE

Justin Bieber: Arrested for DUI in Miami Beach!

Justin Bieber

Oh this was so bound to happen sooner or later ... Justin Bieber was arrested (after getting his party on at a club, pictured above) early this morning down in Miami Beach for DUI (drugs and alcohol use were suspected). At first Justin resisted arrest (of course he did) and cursed out the cops (of course he did), after they pulled him over for speeding when they realized he was drunk and high. Oh good times for Justin, whose passenger in his MORE

Lil Za got arrested again while under arrest. Genius.

Lil Za

So it's pretty much safe to assume that Lil Za has become the designated fall guy for Justin Bieber's latest marvelous f**k-up of causing $20,000 in property damage. Yesterday, Lil Za was arrested for possession of drugs, and was arrested a second time -- IN THE MIDDLE OF HIS FIRST ARREST --  after he smashed a phone. Or in terms the internet can better understand, yo dawg! I heard you like taking the fall, so we put a felony in your felony so MORE

BUSTED: Justin Bieber got raided, Lil Za got arrested!

Justin Bieber and Lil Za

So ... remember how Justin Bieber egged his neighbor's house and caused tens of thousands of dollars in property damage? Yeah, well, his neighbor really wasn't about to take that one sitting down, and so the police got a search warrant to enter his home, and are now looking for anything that could tie him to the incident. Oh, and in the interim they arrested one of Justin's best friends, Lil Za for cocaine possession. TMZ reports ... Justin MORE

Dina Lohan got arrested for drunk driving

Dina Lohan

UPDATE: Dina Lohan's lawyer issued this statement: "Dina Lohan is a good person. Her life has been dedicated to her four children. She has worked hard her entire life and she has been a 'Parent Trapped' with the entire world watching her in a fishbowl with murky water due to no fault of her own. She appreciates the grave seriousness of this matter and is mindful that the Nassau County District Attorney considers these types of cases a top MORE

Lamar Odom got arrested for a DUI

Lamar Odom

Remember how Lamar Odom went missing after every found out he had an alleged drug problem? Well, somehow the whole messy situation is getting worse before it gets any better, because now Lamar has been arrested for a DUI. TMZ reports ... Lamar Odom was arrested for "driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs" early Friday morning ... TMZ has learned. The bust occurred in the San Fernando Valley at 3:54 AM. Lamar -- who was driving a MORE

Emma Roberts got arrested over domestic violence

Emma Roberts

For a while now, Emma Roberts was mostly known as the cute, relatively low-key niece of Julia Roberts from Scream 4. She didn't ever really do anything super exciting, but she seemed to be doing all right for herself and was building herself up a respectable film career. And then the other night, she got arrested for domestic violence after she and her boyfriend, American Horror Story star Evan Peters, reportedly got into a physical fight in MORE

Amanda Bynes: Arrested for reckless endangerment!

Amanda Bynes

Well, we knew this was bound to happen eventually ... troubled actress Amanda Bynes (age 27) was arrested in NYC tonight at her apartment for reckless endangerment after she threw a bong out the window! Apparently the police were called to her apartment after a report of a disorderly person and when they showed up, Amanda tossed her precious bong right out the window! Amanda was immediately taken to Roosevelt Hospital to undergo a (much needed) MORE

Watch Reese Witherspoon’s getting arrested video!

Reese Witherspoon

The dash cam video of Reese Witherspoon's arrest has finally made it to the web, and as it turns out, Reese is kind of a hot boo-boo mess. Honestly, the only thing worse than someone who gets drunk and then decides to put the lives of others at risk by getting behind the wheel is someone who does so and then remains adamant that they did nothing wrong. But no, you're an American standing on American soil, and you did nothing wrong by putting your MORE

Reese Witherspoon talks about her arrest!

Reese Witherspoon

It's been a little over a week since Reese Witherspoon and her husband Jim Toth got arrested for getting stupid drunk and then driving, so here she is trying to smooth the whole thing over, except she kinda just makes the whole thing worse when she says that she told the officer who arrested her that she was pregnant. Turns out, (A) she wasn't pregnant, and (B) I'm pretty sure driving drunk while pregnant is bad on SO MANY LEVELS. Honestly, maybe MORE

Reese Witherspoon: You’re about to find out who I am!

Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth

As much as I loved Legally Blonde, I kinda lost a lot of respect for Reese Witherspoon when she decided to start slut-shaming Kim Kardashian at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, despite the fact that she was at an awards show best known for that one time Sacha Baron Cohen sat his ass in Eminem's face. So in a bit of ironic retribution, Reese and her husband got SMASHED last night, drove drunk into oncoming traffic, and when they eventually got pulled MORE