Trailer: He’s Back … ‘Terminator Genisys’

Terminator Genisys

After a perfectly fine if somewhat forgettable reboot, Terminator is getting a fifth installment with Terminator Genisys due out in July 2015. Like the new Star Wars movie, it seems like the reboot (starring Arnold Schwarzenegger) is actually going back to the feel and aesthetic of the original movies, which feels like a step in the direction, but who cares? There are naked muscular men being sent back in time. You gotta good TENOUTTATEN. MORE

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s sex picture is worth $150K

Arnold Schwarzenegger

I'm sure this must come as a shock to you, but Arnold Schwarzenegger -- the guy who knocked up one of his employees and kept the baby a secret for years? --has a sex picture floating around, and it's apparently worth $150,000. Yes, that's right: An old, crappy picture of Arnold doing a vague sex act is worth as much as a (small) house. Page Six reports: Page Six exclusively revealed last week that wealthy hedge funder Jeremy Frommer has been MORE

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a class act

Arnold Schwarzenegger

When he's not busy schtupping the help and then raising the secret love child behind his wife's back, Arnold Schwarzenegger can also be found celebrating his divorce by wearing a super classy t-shirt about how he "survived" cheating on his wife and fathering an illegitimate child. What, is being a lying adulterous asshole terminal now? On the surface it's the unkindest cut of all ... Arnold Schwarzenegger out bike riding Sunday in Santa MORE

Maria Shriver plans to divorce Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver

Gee, ya think? Anyway, in a not-so shocking twist, it looks like Maria Shriver is planning on straight-up divorcing Arnold Schwarzenegger because that's kinda what you do when your husband screws a maid, has a love child with her, and then hides it from you for a goddamn decade. After hiring celebrity divorce lawyer Laura Wasser and a private investigator, it should come as no surprise that Maria Shriver plans to file for divorce from MORE

Maria leaked the news about Arnold’s love child!

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver

So in the least surprising news ever, it turns out that The Crypt Keeper Maria Shriver was actually the one responsible for leaking the news about Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child. Gosh, you mean the wife he cheated on ended up ratting him out for being a cheating, lying douchebag? Gee, ya don't say? TMZ has new information from sources connected to Maria. We're told when Maria found out that Arnold was the father of Mildred Patty Baena's MORE

Arnold Schwarzenegger had a secret out-of-wedlock baby!

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver

Were you wondering why Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver split up despite being together for 25 years? I mean, aside from the fact that Arnold is responsible for more groped secretary ass than the entire cast of Mad Men combined. Anyway, it turns out that he not only cheated on his wife ten years ago, but HOLY CRAP, it lead to a baby out of wedlock that he's been hiding from her for the past ten years. Sooooooo ... what do you get your wife MORE

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver are separating!

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver

Wow! This just in from the Los Angeles Times ... Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver are separating after twenty-five years of marriage and raising four children together! It's not an official divorce yet but that's probably coming down the pike sooner rather than later. I guess they decided to wait until after Arnold's stint as Governor came to an end! I've never really been a big fan of his, but I actually think she's terrific (she is a MORE