Ashton Kutcher wants Angus T. Jones fired!

Jon Cryer, Angus T. Jones and Ashton Kutcher

For some reason, Angus T. Jones went on a public screed about how Two and a Half Men was filth, and somehow managed to not get fired.  Except now Ashton Kutcher is campaigning hard to have Angus fired, because really, when you get paid $350,000 per episode and you decide to take a steaming dump on that because some smooth talking preacher told you so, you kinda deserve to get kicked to the curb. From Showbiz Spy: “Right after Angus appeared MORE

Angus T. Jones thinks ‘Two and a Half Men’ is filth

Angus T. Jones

Right off the bat, you should probably know that Angus T. Jones, aka the kid from Two and a Half Men, makes $350,000 per episode. Got that figure nice and lodged in your brain? Good. Hold onto that one while you watch this new video where Angus claims that his show is 'filth,' that it's basically the devil's way of deceiving you into ... something. This “half” man is biting the hand that has fed him millions. Less than two years after MORE