Why we’ll be tuning in to Anderson Cooper’s new show!

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper isn’t the first newscaster to make the jump to daytime talk show host. Phil Donahue, Oprah Winfrey, Geraldo Rivera, Barbara Walters, Julie Chen – they’ve all done it before him. Anderson also won’t be the last newscaster to make the jump to daytime talk today host. Katie Couric will be launching her own syndicated daytime show, simply called Katie, in the fall of 2012. But it’s safe to say that Anderson Cooper is MORE

Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin grow closer …

Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin

OMG! I want to go lay out in the sun with silver fox mega hottie Anderson Cooper and funny lady Kathy Griffin! Look at them below having fun together and growing closer, I'm totally jealous! Next week (September 12th) is the premiere of Anderson's highly-anticipated daytime talk show, first up is an intimate interview with Amy Winehouse's family (their first sit down since her unfortunate passing), the next day the show will be much lighter with MORE

Anderson Cooper got the giggles!

Anderson Cooper

So apparently sometime during the week, Gerard Depardieu emerged from obscurity ever-so-briefly to pee in the middle of the aisle of an airplane (sidenote: I'll be flying down to Punta Cana this Saturday for a vacation. I'm not gonna lie, I'm tempted to try this. What? Everyone else is doing it!) Anyway, Anderson Cooper decided to make fun of the incident on The Ridiculist, and everyone's favorite sexy silver fox couldn't contain himself and MORE

Anderson Cooper vs. Snooki!

Anderson Cooper and Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi

How's this for depressing: it's officially gotten to the point where Anderson Cooper has to take time out of his show to tell the world to stop paying Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi to be a drunken whore. Depressing. Anyway, on 360 with Anderson Cooper, everyone's favorite muscle-bound silverfox discussed the scandal over Snooki being a higher paid college speaker than author Toni Morrison, despite the fact that one is a respected writer and the other MORE

$10,000? Anderson Cooper naked is priceless!

Anderson Cooper

• Mischa Barton’s fashion sense just gets worse with the passage of time! Agent Bedhead • Did you know that Zac Efron is now capable of growing armpit hair? Dlisted • Bradley Cooper proved he's proud to be the boyfriend of Renée Zellweger! Socialite Life • Charlie Sheen’s pornstar Kacey Jordan attempted suicide last night! Allie Is Wired • Writer Neil Strauss says Courtney Love wanted to snort Kurt Cobain’s ashes! I'm MORE

Lady Gaga and Anderson Cooper got denied!

Lady Gaga and Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper (sigh ...) did an interview with Lady Gaga for 60 Minutes where she talked to him about her past in New York City and even tried to show Cooper her old studio apartment. The only problem: The woman who lived there pretty much had no desire to let either of them into her home with cameras. Gaga knocked on the door of her former apartment and announced: "Hi, this is Lady Gaga. I was just wondering if I could say, 'Hi.'" She did MORE

Anderson Cooper got punched in his pretty, pretty face!

Anderson Cooper

We haven't been covering the revolution in Egypt on the site because ... well, we're a gossip site people. We don't actually really cover real news. We just make funny jokes about drug addicts and whores. That being said, Anderson Cooper does sort of count as a celebrity, and he just so happens to be pretty and in all likelihood gay (of course Anderson is, he just hasn't made it 'official' yet), which means by gossip blogging code I can write MORE