Watch Stefon’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ farewell

Bill Hader and Seth Meyers

Bill Hader's final appearance as Stefon on Saturday Night Live's 38th season finale last night was literally everything! I'm totally going to miss him (along with Fred Armisen and Jason Sudeikis), check out his big send off last night during 'Weekend Update' with cutie Seth Meyers which featured a few surprise guest appearances including funny lady Amy Poehler and silver fox Anderson Cooper! MORE

Links: When Anderson Cooper met Grumpy Cat …

Anderson Cooper and Grumpy Cat

→ Silver fox Anderson Cooper met Grumpy Cat and it was just as amazing as it sounds! StarCrush → Hottie Alexander Skarsgård drank beer and looked incredibly sexy at a Lakers game! Celebitchy → Here are ten of the most amazing spontaneous concert moments caught on camera! BuzzFeed → Katy Perry made one of her first appearances since her split (site NSFW) Drunken Stepfather → The Spice Girls are looking for a new MORE

Madonna dressed as a Boy Scout for Anderson Cooper!


Just because it was actually kinda funny, and also because her speech was actually pretty decent, here's the video of Madonna presenting an award to silver fox Anderson Cooper at the GLAAD Media Awards this weekend while dressed up as a Boy Scout. Yes, we like Madonna again. Yay! MORE

Anderson Cooper throws it back at Star Jones!

Anderson Cooper and Star Jones

Back when Anderson Cooper came out of the glass closet, amidst the many people commending him on it, Star Jones decided to claw her way out of obscurity for just long enough to call Anderson's coming out a publicity stunt. Well, during a discussion with Andy Cohen on his show, Anderson Live, Coops decided to throw it back at Star by pointing out that while he himself is actually a respected, award winning journalist, Star built a career off of MORE

Was Anderson Cooper’s boyfriend caught cheating?

Anderson Cooper and Ben Maisani

When you consider the fact that Anderson Cooper is (A) rich, (B) hot, (C) has a steady job and home, and (D) is Anderson Cooper, you'd figure that no one would cheat on him. EVER. BECAUSE HE'S ANDERSON COOPER. Anyway, RadarOnline is now alleging that photos showing Anderson's boyfriend, Ben Maisani, kissing a guy in the park means that he's cheating, although let's take a look at all the ways that could be wrong ... (SEE THE PICTURES FOR MORE

Chelsea Handler: The most overpaid person on TV?

Chelsea Handler

In a fun little study put together by the good people over at the Los Angeles Times, funny lady Chelsea Handler was named as the most overpaid person on TV, when you take into consideration her salary versus how many viewers she has. Turns out, writing borderline funny but not really the great jokes about things in the news pays like freakin' mad, as she pulls in $16.70 per viewer. Chelsea Handler may not have a lot of viewers, but she gets MORE

Anderson Cooper came out!

Anderson Cooper

It's kind of been the worst kept secret in the world that silver fox Anderson Cooper is gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that (because let's face it: if you're homophobic, you are clearly reading the wrong blog.) but still, it's been pretty common knowledge that Anderson was gay, and although he never addressed it on air or in his work, was pretty much open about it in his personal life. And now, in an email to Andrew Sullivan at The MORE

Anderson Cooper just trolled a bitch!

Sarah Burge

If you're not sure who Sarah Burge is, good for you. I literally mean that without a shred of irony or sarcasm. Your life is infinitely better for not knowing who she is. But you've read this far, so let's dive further down the rabbit hole: Sarah is God's least favorite mistake. Sarah looks and sounds like what happens when you give shish-kabob a desperate need to be famous and absolutely no talent or kindness to help them achieve it. Worse yet, MORE

This photo is truly adorable!

Anderson Cooper and Adam Levine

Anderson Cooper + Adam Levine + Stuffed Animal = ADORABLE (Adam Levine on Anderson / Monday, February 27th, 2012) MORE

This is what Adele sounds like now …

Adele and Anderson Cooper

Adele sat down with Anderson Cooper for her first interview since she went in for throat surgery late last year, and surprise! She still sounds really good! Admittedly, her voice is a touch different than when we last heard her speak, but your voice would be a little weird too if doctors shoved a laser down your throat and zapped tumors out of it. Turns out, it's kind of uncomfortable. This coming weekend make sure to catch her performing live at MORE

Kathy Griffin stripped on live TV!

Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper

While normally, I like to imagine that New Year's Eve doesn't exist and that all those hungover people are just sleeping outside because everyone decided to go city camping at the same time, there's one part of the festivities I actually like, and that's Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper hosting CNN's NYE show, finally combining my love funny things with my love of sexy things. This year, Kathy decided to strip down on the air, and while I'm sure MORE

Anderson Cooper takes on Courtney Stodden!

So today, my perfectly pleasant peach Anderson Cooper and his luscious white locks of love fired back those haters of the voluptuous va-va-voom goddess, Courtney Stodden, after they had the nerve to kick her (and hubby Doug Hutchison) out of a pumpkin patch, even though Mark 4:20 says that he who is without sin must bang a teenager or something. I don't know, thinking like Courtney just makes me hearing the mocking laughter of forgotten demons. MORE

‘Snooki’ took Anderson Cooper tanning!

Anderson Cooper

I have no idea why, but there's something about delivering the news that causes certain men to actually get sexier with age. Like Jon Stewart or Anderson Cooper. Speaking of everyone's favorite sexy silver fox, Anderson went spray tanning with Jersey Shore famewhore Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi for his new daytime talk show, because nothing says 'sexy' like being hosed down with chemicals that alter your skin tone. Which is kind of a shame because I MORE

Anderson begins ‘Anderson’

Anderson Cooper

Ever since he filled in for Regis Philbin on Live with Regis and Kelly, Anderson Cooper has been seen as a possible new candidate for a daytime talk show. The possibility is now fact, Anderson will have his own daytime talk fest, singularly titled Anderson. It will be a departure from his fast-firing job in the CNN late night news window, but it promises to show a lighter side of Cooper to the viewing public. Surprisingly enough, CNN had no MORE