Amy Winehouse – bloody once again!

good evening! yup it's time for another amy winehouse post - ms. mess was spotted leaving the good mixer pub in camden (close to her humble yet dirty abode) and must have cut herself somehow on her hand which was all bloody - and she kept licking it off - a total class act! you all know by now how much i love amy but her junkie shctick is really starting to grow tired - she totally needs to get her shit together - gosh i feel like a broken record MORE

amy winehouse – striking a pose!

oh my gosh - i'm starting to feel like a broken record when it comes to amy winehouse - we all know she's a complete mess and her minor attempts at quick rehab solutions aren't doing any good at all - tonight she was in full drugged out form when she decided to go for a walk - striking a bunch of poses for the paparazzi while on her way to the local chip store (no that's not slang for crack - it's like real food - fish & chips) i guess it's a MORE

amy winehouse – back at the clinic

oh we go again - just yesterday i asked what might be coming up next in the continuing saga of amy winehouse - well earlier today she performed at the glastonbury festival over in the UK - and ended up punching a fan and spitting her chewing gum into the crowd (hello ebay) by the end of the night she showed up once again at the clinic looking way out of it and disheveled (at least she's making somewhat of an effort to stay clean...) MORE

amy winehouse performed for mandela!

good evening! i was wondering all day long if my dear amy winehouse would actually manage to get her ass over to london's hyde park to perform for nelson mandela at his 90th birthday celebration - lo & behold - ms. winehouse showed up and sang her smash hit rehab along with her smokin' hot cover of the zutons' valerie in front of over 40,000 people - and she looked pretty decent especially considering all of her recent issues (makeup can help MORE

amy winehouse – wheelchair bound?!?

there's more bad news coming in about my beloved amy winehouse - her father mitch winehouse announced that his daughter is suffering from emphysema and could be confined to a wheelchair while using an oxygen mask if she doesn't quit doing drugs - he said to think this could be my beautiful 24-year-old daughter's life is preposterous. but if drugs mean more to her than breathing properly, then so be it. but the doctors have told her if she goes MORE

amy winehouse cleans up – before rehab!

oh gosh - i thought i was done with popbytes for the evening but i couldn't pass this up...thanks heavens my dear amy winehouse is reportedly taking another stab at rehab - this time over in israel at a cost of almost $13,000! although it sounds like she's just looking for a quick fix (no pun intended) she's so freakin' messed up - amy needs to check herself into a long-term addiction treatment program - she's certainly not going to get better MORE

praying for amy winehouse (again)

oh my gosh it's like 3:30am and i'm about to leave for the airport but i had to post this very disturbing video that amy winehouse and her partner in crack crime pete doherty (who was recently let out of prison) posted to youtube yesterday afternoon - it's pure drug fueled insanity - amy & pete are totally high - acting like loons - and playing w/ a bunch of baby mice (hence the whole 'winemouse' video title) all while rockin' horribly filthy MORE

amy winehouse – in a jam – literally!

hey hey! earlier this week my darling amy winehouse was riding home on the M40 from henley back to london - there was a car accident which backed up traffic causing a bit of jam - ms. winehouse grew tired of waiting and was itching to smoke a cigarette (stashed conveniently in her beehive which also is in need of dire help) but she didn't have a lighter - so she proceeded to get out of the car and wandered around asking other drivers for a light MORE

winehouse’s bond song is stalled

oh no! more bad news concerning my favorite mess amy winehouse who was supposedly working on the new james bond theme song for the next installment of the franchise quantum of solace (with sexy daniel craig taking his second stab at playing the always debonair mr. bond) but cutie music producer whiz mark ronson (yes brother to lindsay lohan's BFF samantha ronson) has come out saying that amy isn't quite ready to make new music - which we can all MORE

girlfriend needs serious help…

with a headline like that i could only be talking about my one & only amy winehouse - i promise to lay off her for a bit but whenever i see shocking pictures of her looking like a complete crackhead train wreck - i can't help but think that someone really needs to help her before she ends up dead! with the way she's going it won't be long - does amy not have anybody who can help to clean up her many issues? can't her family have her committed to MORE

OMG! more amy winehouse insanity!

seriously after my last post i was so ready to shut down for the evening but these pictures of amy winehouse just surfaced on the web and they were way too fucking crazy to pass up! oh my word...two posts about ms. winehouse in one evening - i promise to keep this one brief since i'm tired and need to sleep soon (plus don't pictures speak a thousand words?) amy somehow lost the keys to her london digs and had a friend break in through the garage MORE

amy winehouse keeps her blake close

hey kids...well this isn't a post on courtney love again - but it is about another one of my favorite ladies to write amy winehouse (i could easily spin-off popbytes into the 'courtney & amy 4EVA' blog) gosh i'd love to have them in the same room together - that would be way interesting (well for me at least!) unfortunately ms. winehouse is still a mess - her hubby blake is still incarcerated - and her third album (the follow-up to MORE

At least it keeps her busy …

oh my goodness - something about this story is totally hysterical to me - i can't stop laughing about it! apparently amy winehouse has a brand new addiction - ironing! a source told showbiz spy that she has been ironing everything in sight! gosh i can just see her in my mind with her big ass beehive weave ironing like a total mad woman - that must be some sight! (take a look at the size of her hair below - it's ginmorous!) i've never been one to MORE

amy winehouse kicks her demons out

hey everybody! i wasn't feeling all that great this morning - i had trouble sleeping last night and i was all nervous about the phone interview i had to conduct earlier today which went fine thankfully but i don't know if my tape came out ok - there's an odd buzz over the whole thing - i'll have to work on that and see what i can salvage! anyways there were recent reports that my dear amy winehouse had to move again for like the third time MORE