Amy Winehouse’s unfinished album up for release?

Amy Winehouse

So as I write this, Amy Winehouse has just been laid to rest, and I'm not going to breathlessly cover the funeral because those are meant to be private moments meant for grieving between close friends and family, not as tabloid fodder. What I will discuss is how Amy's label is currently planning on releasing the unfinished album Amy was working on before she died because that totally seems like the respectable thing to do. Winehouse had spent MORE

A quick word on Amy Winehouse …

Amy Winehouse

The worst thing you can do for a person is pretend that they’re fine when they’re not. Pretending that there isn’t a problem when there is won’t magically fix anything anymore than pretending your house is not on fire while your kitchen is ablaze won’t save your curtains from bursting into flames. Let me make one thing clear: everyone here at PopBytes, including myself, adored Amy Winehouse. We really did. I still remember buying MORE

Amy Winehouse: In Memory Of Her Music

Amy Winehouse

I'm still quite torn up about the passing of Amy Winehouse yesterday. All of her demons, addictions and messy drama aside, the main thing that turned me onto Amy was first and foremost her music. That is why I ended up with over seventy posts about her, of course we chronicled her crazy times but the one thing I always swore by was her incredible voice and retro style, instantly I made an emotional connection to Amy's music that will last me a MORE

Russell Brand on Amy Winehouse’s passing

Russell Brand and Amy Winehouse

My gosh, who knew that comedian Russell Brand (aka Katy Perry's hubby) could be so damn eloquent? He posted about the sudden passing of Amy Winehouse yesterday at age 27 on his website, I found it to be very touching and a lovely tribute, I posted some of it below and you can read the rest here. When you love someone who suffers from the disease of addiction you await the phone call. There will be a phone call. The sincere hope is that the MORE

My beloved Amy Winehouse, dead at age 27

Amy Winehouse

I seriously don't even where to start ... I'm totally devastated over hearing about the passing of my beloved Amy Winehouse. I first discovered the British soul singer back in 2006 by way of her incredible Grammy-winning album Back To Black, and since then there's been over seventy posts about Ms. Winehouse here on PopBytes. Many of those posts chronicled her descent into drug and alcohol addiction that in the end killed her at the age of 27. I MORE

Amy Winehouse has passed away at age 27

Amy Winehouse

Singer Amy Winehouse is dead at age 27. I don’t think that’s a surprising statement - that it happened sooner rather than later. She had immense talent, but in the later stage of her life she was clearly not sober. It may seem like I’m being insensitive to her passing, but my thoughts truly go out to her family and loved ones. What I am saying is that when someone is an addict, which there’s no arguing - she was, it isn’t surprising MORE

Amy Winehouse got hacked!

Amy Winehouse - Hacked Website

All right, who wants to follow this train of logic off a cliff: Amy Winehouse's website got hacked yesterday by a group called Swagsec, which is sort of like an offbrand-offbrand-knockoff of Anonymous in that while they hack, they don't actually have any sort of moral or message behind them like Anon does. Anyway, apparently they hacked Amy's website so that they could take back the Internet from "the white devil". Ummmm ... I'm not sure that's MORE

Amy Winehouse cancels her tour!

Amy Winehouse

Okay, this probably shouldn't be much of a surprise at all since the last concert she did wasn't so much a concert as it was her vomiting into a microphone so hard that a country wished they could be back under Ottoman rule again if it meant never having to hear that shit again, but Amy Winehouse has canceled her tour of Europe. Yeah, turns out those few days in rehab, might not have been enough. Her entire summer tour has been canceled after MORE

Amy Winehouse’s disastrous performance in Belgrade!

Amy WInehouse

So here's the good news: Everyone's favorite on-and-off alcoholic singer is back to performing! The bad news is she's also still kind of a mess. Anyway, Amy Winehouse was booed off the stage in Belgrade, Serbia for a dismal performance. Actually, it wasn't really a performance so much as it was watching a drunk woman stumble around mumbling about a girl named Valerie. Serbian media described the concert late Saturday kicking off her European MORE

Amy Winehouse heads back to rehab … again!

Amy Winehouse

Despite recently being photographed looking pretty damn good, it looks like Amy Winehouse is heading back to rehab. Again. One more and I'm pretty sure she gets a free Subway sandwich. Anyway, it all went down yesterday morning after Amy downed a mini-bottle of vodka, wandered into a salon and puked in their bathroom. Or didn't. I'm not sure, the details are a little hazy. The Sun is reporting that a bedraggled Winehouse was seen downing a MORE

Amy Winehouse has a muffin top!

Amy Winehouse

Now that Amy Winehouse has been clean and sober for a year now (time flies when you're not handing out blowjobs for coke money!), everyone's favorite bee-hived, bluesy Brit is looking a little more shapely and a little less "Oh my God, someone give that starving lemur a sandwich before it claws off someone's face!" Unfortunately, like all weight-shifting girls, Amy hasn't really bought new clothes to match her body so she was recently spotted MORE

Amy Winehouse’s new promo photos!

Amy Winehouse

I'm not sure why these new promo photos of Amy Winehouse are now floating around the web but maybe it's because she's finally getting ready to release a new album this year! I've been oh so patiently waiting for her highly anticipated follow-up to Back To Black which was completely brilliant yet was released five years ago. At least she's looking a lot healthier and seemingly sane in these photos, remember when she was literally a total bloody MORE

Amy Winehouse’s Dubai dubacle!

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse just scored the biggest come back performance of her post ... successful career! Psyche! The singer was in Dubai for Gulf Bike Week for her first public performance in ages, and though scheduled to perform nine songs, only got to six, losing much of the audience after only three, yes you read that right, three songs. No surprise though, reports claim the singer was picking her nails between songs, was “tipsy and incoherent” and MORE

Dionne Bromfield’s ‘Yeah Right’ (with Diggy Simmons)

Dionne Bromfield

I've posted about Dionne Bromfield before here on PopBytes, she's Amy Winehouse's goddaughter and happens to have tons of talent at the tender age of fifteen (her birthday was just a couple of days ago). Her debut album Introducing Dionne Bromfield was a bunch of covers (vintage soul music / 60s girl groups) and was the first release from Ms. Winehouse's Lioness Records label which I totally loved and now Dionne is back with her second album MORE