Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black” gets covered

"Back To Black"

It's been almost two years since Amy Winehouse's death, which I guess means the statue of limitations on looking back and covering her songs has finally been lifted. Just a few days after plans for Amy's documentary were announced, here's the cover of "Back to Black" that Beyoncé and André 3000 did for The Great Gatsby (opening May 10th). Apparently, not everyone is up on it, but let's be honest: "Back to Black" was an amazing song, and no one MORE

Who’s up for an Amy Winehouse documentary?

Amy Winehouse

It's been almost two years since Amy Winehouse died, and it's still a complete shame that she did, considering the huge amount of talent and promise she had. Anyway, it turns out someone finally figured out that people would pay to see a documentary about her, because Amy's life story is now making its way to the big screen. Via the A/V Club ... The project, currently in development at Focus Features, will be presented to movie buyers at MORE

Pete Doherty: Selling Amy Winehouse blood art?!

Pete Doherty - Ladylike

In what could easily be the most apt metaphor for Pete Doherty's career ever, Pete is selling a painting he made using Amy Winehouse's blood for something like $130,000. So far, the highest bidder is the center for disease control. Spinner reports: According to the Independent, the auction takes place this Friday at the Cob Gallery with private diaries, guitars, military jackets and other items included. Yet it's a collaborative painting MORE

Thoughts on Amy Winehouse’s ‘Hidden Treasures’

Amy Winehouse

The other night on Twitter I tweeted about not being impressed with Amy Winehouse's new posthumous album, Lioness: Hidden Treasures, but of course being a huge fan of Amy's, it's great to hear previously unreleased material even if it isn't quite up to snuff. I have mixed feelings on the release, on one hand some proceeds are benefiting her foundation yet if Amy was alive today, would she have put this out? Probably not. It's still really hard MORE

Amy Winehouse Foundation makes first donation!

Amy Winehouse

After only a few months after the death of the incomparable Amy Winehouse, the foundation created in her honor has already made its first donation. Little Havens Children’s Hospital is to be the first beneficiary, with a pledge of $750,000 to go to them this year to help vulnerable children in the UK. The Amy Winehouse Foundation was created by the singer’s family, with intent to continue her legacy in a positive and uplifting way. Her father MORE

Our Day Will Come: Amy Winehouse Tribute

Amy Winehouse

I still miss Amy Winehouse, I am still so upset about her untimely death at age 27 this past summer. Her first posthumous compilation album called Lioness: Hidden Treasures is about to hit stores next month (12/2), here's the first track, Our Day Will Come, watch the touching tribute music video below. MORE

Amy Winehouse’s ghost is haunting Pete Doherty!

Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty

In today's "this is your brain on drugs. ALL THE DRUGS." story, Pete Doherty is apparently freaking out because he's convinced that his London flat is being haunted by the ghost of Amy Winehouse. Which means we can probably assume one of two things: first, that Pete is seriously tripping balls right now. And second, that Amy is presumably spending her afterlife looking for a fix. "Fancy a quick little spin, love? *Heroin needle goes straight MORE

BREAKING: Amy Winehouse died from alcohol poisoning

Amy Winehouse

After Amy Winehouse suddenly mysteriously died back on July 23rd, Amy's family was adamant that she wasn't drinking or doing drugs at the time and that she actually died of sobriety somehow, and we all just sort of nervously said nothing because ... well, you try being the dick who has to remind Amy's family that she made a song called Rehab. Anyway, turns out the sobriety theory was actually the total opposite of what actually killed Amy, MORE

Watch: Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse: Body And Soul

Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse

Today (September 14th) would have been Amy Winehouse's 28th birthday but as we all know, she unfortunately passed away suddenly on July 23rd. Below is the music video of the last recording she made with legendary crooner Tony Bennett (85), a duet of the classic track Body And Soul (featured on Tony's upcoming September 20th release, Tony Bennett: Duets II), recorded at the infamous Abbey Road Studios in London. Amy looks healthy and sounds MORE

Amy Winehouse detoxed herself to death?

Anderson Cooper and Amy Winehouse's family

Despite the fact that it's been something like two months since Amy Winehouse's untimely death, no one is still really sure as to the cause of her unfortunate demise, although part of me is just going to assume it was some combination of drugs and alcohol. Anyway, Amy's father Mitch Winehouse is more or less validating my theory, because he told Anderson Cooper on his new daytime talk show that Amy actually died from a seizure she suffered from MORE

People are robbing Amy Winehouse’s flat!

Amy Winehouse

Because apparently, there are a few people in London who think that "standing up to an apathetic government in order to affect change to support neglected neighborhoods" and "BREAK THINGS AND STEAL SHIT WEEEEEEEE" are interchangeable concepts, it really shouldn't come as a shock that fans have already started stealing shit from Amy Winehouse's house. Amy's father is reportedly furious -- claiming someone entered the home and swiped unreleased MORE

Friday Night I Wanna Dance With Somebody


† FROM DJ PAUL V. This week, we bring you the party! It's definitely been quite a hit-making year for Katy Perry, after her nine MTV Video Awards nominations this week, she's the go-to girl for today's mashup. But, the other star is Miss Whitney Houston from her glory days (and she's so perfectly suited for the 80's vibe of the video). But Whitney also needs to take a lesson from the sad passing of Amy Winehouse. Girl, we want this Whitney MORE

Ryan Murphy’s Winehouse joke was cut!

Ryan Murphy

For those of you wondering how long it would take before people started retconning Amy Winehouse jokes out of reruns of TV shows? The answer is 'three days'. In a past episode of The Glee Project that ran a couple weeks back, Ryan Murphy made a joke about how one of the contestants should have come out in full Winehouse drag. So of course, the joke has been cut and will never be seen again, unless you know how Google works. “I’m surprised MORE

Amy Winehouse: Rest In Peace

Amy Winehouse - NME Magazine

I still can't seem to get my beloved Amy Winehouse out of my head, I'm still very upset about her sudden death this past weekend, at the age of 27. Her funeral took place in London earlier today, then she was cremated, her physical being has left this world forever, but Amy's spirit and incredible talent remains. I was looking back on all my old posts about Amy, there were so many times that I talked about being worried and concerned for her MORE