Amanda Bynes’ mom is taking her off her meds?!

Amanda Bynes

After Amanda Bynes' year from hell, we were briefly optimistic that Amanda was better, thanks to a strict regimen of psychiatric help and medication along with a new education in fashion. Except it turns out Amanda's parents are f*cking idiots, because according to TMZ, they're taking Amanda off the medication her actual doctor prescribed because they're convinced that she just needed to cut the weed out of her life. Seriously. Amanda's mom MORE

A woman is suing celebs so she can pitch her mini-series?

Halle Berry, Armie Hammer and Amanda Bynes

I don't know that much about selling screenplays, other than what I've read in countless Syd Field books and what I picked up from reading Writing Movies for Fun and Profit (both highly recommended.) That being said, I'm pretty sure that suing the people you want to pitch to is the exact opposite of what you want to do. And yet, according to TMZ, that's what Jo Anne Vandegriff did by trying to sue Halle Berry, Armie Hammer and Amanda Bynes MORE

Links: Amanda Bynes wants to dress you up!

Amanda Bynes

→ Amanda Bynes is not only out and about, she's going to be doing something productive! ICYDK → Star: Brad Pitt canoodled a random brunette in Telluride, Angelina Jolie is furious! Celebitchy → Video: Another Day, another dollar for Gwyneth Paltrow and her GOOP empire! Bohomoth → I guess James Franco's fans asked him to post a nude selfie, so he kind of obliged ... SOW → Ugh: Creepily thin Perez Hilton is starring in MORE

Miley Cyrus vs. Sinéad O’Connor carries on!

Miley Cyrus

UPDATE: Sinéad penned a THIRD open letter, this time threatening Miley with legal action! Yesterday, Sinéad O'Connor wrote a slut-shaming open letter to Miley Cyrus and it somehow managed to break the web because apparently, it was a slow day for pictures of cats and porn. Well, Miley has since responded exactly how you think she would: Nudity (via new shots taken by Terry Richardson) and comparing Sinéad to Amanda Bynes on MORE

#BlurredBynes: Detox, Willam and Vicky Vox!


I swore I was going to uphold my moratorium on all things Amanda Bynes, since the girl is going through some serious shit and I like to imagine that I have something bordering on a conscience, but oh who am I kidding; Detox, Willam and Vicky Vox will always take priority over everything. So here's their latest single, "#BlurredBynes," which if you can't tell is a parody of Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines." And that's all I'm going to say about this MORE

Links: Amanda Bynes hits rock bottom with a 5150

Amanda Bynes

→ Amanda Bynes had another crazy night that ended with her in a 5150 hospital hold SOW → Miley Cyrus told Justin Bieber to stop being so 'stupid' and 'messed up' Celebitchy → The entire 1975 Tony Awards, from beginning to end, what a time capsule! BoyCulture → Jennifer Aniston is shooting in NYC so we're getting new pictures every day! Lainey Gossip → Billy Ray and Trish Cyrus are getting their band back together MORE

Bad Role Models: Miley Cyrus and Chris Brown?


Despite the fact that it has literally nothing to do with anything their website does, CouponCodes4u did a poll on which celebrities parents think are bad role models. Shockingly, Chris Brown topped the list for men while Miley Cyrus topped the list for woman. So there you go. Being a sexually confidant woman is roughly equivalent to beating your girlfriend with a car door. Via NY Daily News ... Cyrus, 19, earned the disdain of 68% of parents MORE

Can we talk about Amanda Bynes for a second?

Amanda Bynes

I've been deliberately avoiding posting about Amanda Bynes recently, mostly because I feel about her the same way I felt about Charlie Sheen during his breakdown a couple years back: Idolizing or mocking someone when you're not sure whether they have the mental acuity to handle it seems non-kosher. If I thought Amanda was stable enough or knew fully well what she was doing? Fair game. But I'm honestly concerned for her. Anyway, the NY Daily News MORE

Amanda Bynes’ bong or vase? You decide!

Amanda Bynes' bong or vase

Thanks to a little investigative work by the team over at TMZ, we have a picture of what Amanda Bynes tossed out the window the other night which led to her arrest. Police say it was a bong, while Amanda claims it was just a vase. Check out the picture below, it sure looks like the remnants of a bong to me. Hopefully Amanda is going to be working on getting her act together, because no matter what she claims to be the truth, girlfriend has some MORE

Links: See Amanda Bynes’ lovely new mugshot!

Amanda Bynes' Mugshot

→ Here's troubled / crazy actress Amanda Bynes' brand-new mugshot, isn't she lovely? BuzzFeed → This is Amanda Bynes' original mugshot, before officials made her remove her wig! ICYDK → LOL: Amanda Bynes told the judge the bong she threw out a window was a vase! The Frisky → Brad Pitt's makeup artist says Brad and Jennifer Aniston 'are very good friends' Celebitchy → Ever since leaving Boardwalk Empire, we haven't MORE

Amanda Bynes: Arrested for reckless endangerment!

Amanda Bynes

Well, we knew this was bound to happen eventually ... troubled actress Amanda Bynes (age 27) was arrested in NYC tonight at her apartment for reckless endangerment after she threw a bong out the window! Apparently the police were called to her apartment after a report of a disorderly person and when they showed up, Amanda tossed her precious bong right out the window! Amanda was immediately taken to Roosevelt Hospital to undergo a (much needed) MORE

Links: Amanda Bynes keeps the crazy coming

Amanda Bynes

→ Amanda Bynes showed off her newly-shorn head over the weekend via pics on Twitter! ICYDK → Johnny Depp and Amber Heard made their 'official couple' debut over the weekend! Celebitchy → Jason Collins of the Washington Wizards just came out as gay in Sports Illustrated BuzzFeed → Over the weekend, Ashton Kutcher got into a shoving match with a security guard! The Blemish → Courtney Stodden produces insane videos of MORE

Links: Amanda Bynes is getting bossy!

Amanda Bynes

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That’ll do, Amanda Bynes. That’ll do.

Amanda Bynes

We like to trump up a lot of what we post here, but I can say with perfect clarity that this is quite possibly the best celebrity tweet ever written by said celebrity rather than, say, a hacker. So far, there's been no response from Drake, because ... well, how do you come back to crazy ass Amanda Bynes asking you to systematically kill her private parts with your penis? Actually, MORE