Can someone get Ali Lohan a sandwich?

Ali Lohan

Well, it looks like Ali Lohan isn't going to try and dispel those rumors about eating disorders and plastic surgery, because Lindsay Lohan's little sister showed up to a model casting looking as if she had just come off a month-long hunger strike. Us Weekly reports: Climbing out of a white SUV, the budding catwalker, clad in tight jeans, boots and a tucked-in white shirt, appeared alarmingly gaunt and pale -- with noticeably stick-thin arms MORE

Ali Lohan denies plastic surgery rumors!

Ali Lohan

As you'll remember, a couple months ago Ali Lohan left the house looking like she had spent all her food money on botox. And that's what we all kinda figured happened, because she's a Lohan, that's just sort of what they do. Anyway, Ali has finally come forward saying that she never had an eating disorder or plastic surgery. Which sounds almost reasonable until you hear her alibi, at which point you just kind of go "Oh, okay, so she had an eating MORE

Details on Lindsay Lohan’s full-frontal Playboy shoot!

Lindsay Lohan

Hey, remember when Lindsay Lohan drunkenly made out with her mom? Of course you do, because the image was burnt into your retinas and now when you close your eyes to sleep at night it's the only thing you can see. Sorry about that. Anyway, Lindsay upped the creepiness yesterday when she brought her mom, Dina Lohan, and her little sister Ali Lohan to watch her show off her boobs to photographers for Playboy magazine because ... no, seriously, why MORE

Ali Lohan’s family thinks she’s just fine!

Ali, Dina and Lindsay Lohan

After Ali Lohan was photographed looking like a cackling pirate skeleton robot that had escaped from Disneyland, everyone on the Internet started freaking out about how she was basically one strong wind away from floating off into space and how someone had Mrs. Potato-Headed her a brand new pair of lips. Anyway, Dina Lohan decided to pull the usual "my daughter is completely fine" song and dance routine which obviously means Ali's going to die MORE

Did Ali Lohan have plastic surgery or not?

Ali Lohan

If you haven't been on the internet for the past couple of days, here's what you missed: Madonna's still evil and ZOMG ALI LOHAN LOOKS TOTALLY DIFFERENT! Caught up now? Good. Well after the fallout that came with seeing Ali's new geometrically inspired face (I hear high schools are using her cheekbones to teach students about the Pythagoras theorum), Ali's modeling agency has come forward stating that Ali has never had cosmetic surgery, and MORE

Ali Lohan is lookin’ good!

Ali Lohan

So yesterday, Ali Lohan debuted her new look: Half heroine chic, half looking exactly like her drunk, crackhead mother. Of course, the Internet shit itself because for once we had a scary skinny Lohan who wasn't Lindsay, and now Ali's Dad, Michael "Mesh Shirt" Lohan, has stopped kicking vaginas for just long enough to talk to RadarOnline about how this is all the industry's fault and has nothing to do with the fact that he and Dina Lohan are MORE

Ali Lohan needs to lay off the knife!

Ali Lohan

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