Adele has no love for Chris Brown

Adele and Chris Brown

Just in case you were wondering if Adele could get any more impossibly perfect than she already is, the answer is a resounding yes. Yes she can. Last night, after Chris Brown refused to stand up when Frank Ocean beat out Chris for a Grammy, a few people noticed Adele side-eye Chris hard. According to The Sun, Adele went over to Chris afterwards and let that bitch have every last word of it ... When Ocean pipped him to the Best Urban Contempary MORE

Grammys 2013: Best and worst dressed!

Adele and Beyoncé

BEST DRESSED #1 Florence Welch – Givenchy I can’t stand Florence Welch. She sings like a 90-year-old Bavarian yodeler and typically dresses like a vintage couch. However, I am willing to put aside my personal problems with her to pay tribute to her custom Givenchy. First and foremost, she’s finally wearing a color that doesn’t wash her out. The green is perfection against her skin tone. Second, the dinosaur bumps on the dress are a MORE

Taylor Swift got roasted at the Golden Globes!

Taylor Swift

There were a lot of big winners at last night's Golden Globes, and a lot of not-winners too. But I think we can all agree who the biggest loser last night: Taylor Swift. She just got railed last night, didn't she? To be fair, when you're the girl who breaks up with half of Hollywood and then writes songs about them, you probably shouldn't be too surprised when Hollywood calls you out on it. So here's what happened: it started when Taylor lost out MORE

The Oscars’ Best Original Song shortlist is out!


Yes, The 85th Academy Awards are just around the corner, and the list of potential nominees for Best Original Song is out. Despite it being called a shortlist, the thing is like 75 items long, so we're going to make this as brief as we possibly can. From The Hollywood Reporter: Among the artists included in the shortlist are Adele for "Skyfall" from the James Bond pic; Katy Perry's "Wide Awake" from her 3D concert film; Keith Urban's "For You" MORE

Lady Gaga threw Adele under the bus

Adele and Lady Gaga

A little while back, Lady Gaga put on a touch of weight, so of course, the internet jumped on it and acted like she had a hippo surgically grafted to her ass. I mean really, she was a bit fuller, but it's not like she was fatally obese. Well, in a recent interview with Stylist, Gaga reaffirmed that she's a healthy weight and there's nothing wrong with being a bigger girl ... until she completely Freudian Slipped up and tried to deflect all the MORE

Adele had a baby boy!


At the age of twenty-one, Adele recorded one of the most critically-acclaimed albums ever, which then sold like a bajillion copies and cured polio. Now Adele has just given birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy, so you can all just give up now, because you will never create a baby as perfect as Adele's. Sorry, not gonna happen. Via People ... The British singing sensation, 24, is now Mum to a baby boy, a family source confirms to People. MORE

Adele’s “Skyfall” is here!

Adele "Skyfall"

It's here! It's here! New Adele is here! It's a Christmas miracle ... what's that? Christmas is still three months away? Fine ... it's a Canadian Thanksgiving miracle. That's Columbus Day to you guys south of the border. Close enough. Anyway, Adele's James Bond theme song for the upcoming Skyfall has hit the web, and I'm pretty sure we can just mail the Oscar for Best Original Song to Adele now because it's not like anyone else is going to come MORE

Listen: Adele’s “Skyfall”

Adele "Skyfall"

UPDATE: Listen to Adele's "Skyfall" in its entirety below, and buy it on iTunes now! Back when Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" first hit the web, MK said that it sounded exactly like a James Bond theme song, which in all fairness it totally did. Well, now that Adele actually is doing the theme for the next Bond movie, Skyfall, people are waiting on the edge of their seats for it. But good news! It comes out in two days, but until then, this MORE

Adele is pregnant!

Adele and Simon Konecki

If you were expecting another sad break-up album out of Adele ... well, good news and bad news. The bad news is that you're gonna have to stare forlornly out of a window while listening to someone else's album, because the good news is that Adele is pregnant (with boyfriend Simon Konecki) and has no time for brokenhearted sadness! Yay! Entertainment Weekly reports: Looks like Adele will have something a little happier to sing about in the MORE

Robert Pattinson does not impress Adele

Robert Pattinson

It's really hard not to know who Adele is at this point, especially since everyone and their dog has already bought her album, 21, and you legally cannot turn on a radio without hearing Rumor Has It. Which totally makes this story about Robert Pattinson mistaking her for a random stranger and telling her to "reach for her dreams" even more hilariously awkward. From GigWise: The actor spoke of the 'ridiculous' incident in a CBC TV interview in MORE

Mashup: We Are On Fire

We Are On Fire

One of the most unexpected pop hits this year came via the aptly titled indie band, fun. We Are Young, their little youth empowerment ditty that could, seemed to get on everyone's radar, and it made its way on to Glee and had major Superbowl exposure in a Chevrolet ad. Not to mention it features the amazing Janelle Monae. But what it was lacking was those dance beats we love so much, so DJ Tripp decided to remedy that by mashing them with the MORE

Mashup: Set Fire To True Faith


This week, we welcome back one of the original mashup masters, Party Ben. Lately he's been focusing more on doing straight up remixes rather than mashups. So when he drops a proper new bootleg, it's time for the happy dance! We already love Adele hard, and her Set Fire To The Rain is another pop smash. So imagine my glee when I heard Ben mash her with New Order, and their classic True Faith. It works like a charm, so fire it up! † MORE

Adele thinks her house is haunted!


After yesterday's veritable bonanza of crazy and weird to draw stories from, we're faced with another dry news day, which means we're going to have to scrape up all the stuff that makes you go "ummmm, what?" and turn it into cohesive gossip. Like this story about how Adele is convinced that her house is haunted, because even the dead want her to sign their copies of 21. "Come on, please? I had to break through the walls of limbo just to get he- MORE

Adele flips the bird after getting cut off!


If there's anything I learned from the Brit Awards, other than the fact that the British are equally bad at time managing their award shows, it's that if you cut off Adele's acceptance speech for Best Album of the Year (for 21) so that Blur can play, she will not hesitate to flip you the bird, and she will be charming and elegant while she does it. "Cut me off, will you? Behold the most beautiful 'FUCK YOU' you've ever seen! Pip pip cheerio MORE