Happy Halloween! Here’s Todrick Hall’s “Spell Block Tango”

"Spell Block Tango"

Yup, it's officially Halloween, which means it's the last day before the Christmas floodgates open and that one Mariah Carey song plays on an endless loop for two months. So let's get in the All Hallow's Eve spirit with the latest video by Todrick Hall ... "Spell Block Tango." It's a parody of Chicago's "Cell Block Tango," as sung by a bunch of Disney villains. The song and video are great, and it also includes Amber Riley, Adam Lambert and Black MORE

Adam Lambert’s ‘Never Close Our Eyes’ video

Adam Lambert - Never Close Our Eyes

Have you listened to Adam Lambert's new album Trespassing (his second studio release) yet?! It's truly fantastic, plus he recently made music history by being the first openly gay performer to have a number one album! I've been a huge fan of his ever since he appeared on American Idol, I knew he would have an amazing career, this album is definitely proof of that! Check out Adam's newly released music video for Never Close Our Eyes, one of my MORE

Watch: Adam Lambert’s ‘Better Than I Know Myself’

Adam Lambert - Better Than I Know Myself

Here's the highly-anticipated new music video from Adam Lambert for Better Than I Know Myself, the first single off his upcoming sophomore effort Trespassing (out on March 20th). I've been a huge supporter of Adam's since he appeared on the eighth season of American Idol (landing the runner-up spot), and it's fantastic to see him still on the music scene looking sexier than ever after dropping a couple of pounds. I totally love this song and I've MORE

Adam Lambert: Queen’s new lead singer!

Adam Lambert

Due to their shared love of dressing in drag, singing in falsetto, and having men's faces shoved into their crotches while they're on stage (hey gurl!) Adam Lambert has been chosen as the new lead singer of Queen for their upcoming tour. On a completely random side-note, I keep typing "Adam Sandler" for some reason instead of Adam Lambert. Yeah, that douchenozzle. Go figs. TMZ reports: He's paid his dues ... time after time ... and now Adam MORE

Adam Lambert and his boyfriend got arrested!

Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen

And now, the absolute wussiest story of the day: Adam Lambert and his reality TV star (an oxymoron if ever there was one) boyfriend Sauli Koskinen were arrested last night after getting into a fight outside of a Finnish gay bar. So basically, just imagine what goes on outside of The Abbey every night, only in the voice of the Swedish chef or something like that. TMZ reports: The couple -- and a female companion -- were hangin' at a local gay MORE

adam lambert is a trojan warrior!

good evening! who else is watching american idol right now?! although i said i wouldn't watch the show without (messy) judge paula abdul - i just couldn't help myself and although i do really miss my paula - i think ellen degeneres has turned out to be quite a good fit for the show! as for the contestants this year - nobody is really blowing me away at all - like adam lambert did last time around (or fantasia barrino back in season three) there's MORE

video fix: lambert’s ‘whataya want from me’

hey y'all! watch the brand new video below from cutie adam lambert for whataya want from me - the second single off his decent debut album for your entertainment - i like this song way better than his first single (the album's title track) plus it was co-written by one of my favorite ladies of music pink (and produced by max martin) she actually recorded it for her last kick-ass album funhouse but didn't make the final cut - her loss is totally MORE

adam lambert – for your entertainment – video

(i'll add in my thoughts later about the video ... but i will say he looks hot!) overall i think adam lambert did a nice job with his first video for his single for your entertainment - somebody said on twitter earlier - it's like a 2009 version of britney spears' video for i'm a slave 4 u - i can see what he meant! i do like this video a lot more than his racy performance the other night on the american music awards - i loved that adam was MORE

adam lambert – for your entertainment

hey everyone! i'm running out the door right now to see michael jackson's this is it over at the arclight's cinerama dome - of course i'm beyond excited ... i've heard nothing but great things! anyways below you can listen to the new adam lambert single for your entertainment which premiered this morning on 102.7 KIIS FM with ryan seacrest - practically at the same time the britney spears video 3 debuted - i was up early all bleary-eyed listening MORE

adam lambert’s awful new album cover!

OH MY WORD! now you guys know i totally love adam lambert but i do not love the newly released cover of his debut album for your entertainment (available on november 23rd) i hope this is some kind of sick joke because it just looks awful - like some crazy fan made it - what's up with the crappy fonts? it's just wrong on so many levels ... i don't even know where to begin! oh lordy - i hope this cover isn't indicative of the material on adam's MORE

adam lambert – time for miracles – video

hey! everyone knows i'm a huge fan of adam lambert but i'm not feeling his new song time for miracles which was recorded for the upcoming disaster flick 2012 - apparently the song was written by a woman dying of cancer - the lyrics are touching but i just find it to be a bit boring although he does sing the crap out of it! (it's a decent song for a soundtrack i suppose?) thankfully this isn't his official 1st single - that should be coming soon - MORE

adam lambert steps out with his boyfriend

good morning everyone! well although american idol runner-up adam lambert hasn't officially come out yet - it's pretty clear at this point he's gay (i totally knew the first time i saw him he played on my team) he was spotted out & about last night holding hands with his super cute boyfriend - drake labry (he's twenty-four years old and is an artist / interior designer) the couple was hanging at guys and dolls nightclub here in los angeles! MORE

adam lambert is my american idol

oh my word! i said i wouldn't do a post about american idol on twitter - but on second thought (after i calmed down - if you guys saw me - you might have called 911) i figured i should at least post something - i'm beyond disappointed and bummed that adam lambert lost tonight to kris allen - hands down mr. lambert is a far better singer and overall performer than mr. allen! i can't help but think that homophobia played some part in tonight's MORE

american idol: adam lambert vs kris allen

woo hoo! thank heavens danny gokey finally got the boot on american idol - leaving adam lambert and kris allen to compete in the finale which airs next week (tuesday and wednesday) i shocked myself this season by not really covering the show as much as i normally do here on popbytes - partly because i didn't think this season was all that great (except for mr. lambert) plus i actually twittered each week which ended up being a lot more fun (and i MORE