Awww, look at Justin Bieber’s little baby abs!

Justin Bieber Shirtless Abs

As someone who goes to the gym on a near-daily basis -- I don't really want to brag about it, but there are just some phrases that are inherently braggy -- that's one of them, I apologize. There are a lot of kids I see who have what I call 'show muscles.' They couldn't lift more than ten pounds if they tried and a strong breeze could blow them down, but they have serious striation due to the fact that they don't eat anything. Also, they hog all MORE

‘The Place Beyond The Pines’ features Ryan Gosling’s abs!

Ryan Gosling

To be honest, we're not really sure what this movie's about -- Something to do with motorcycles? We think? Meh, whatever. All we care about is that the trailer for The Place Beyond The Pines prominently features Ryan Gosling's abs, something we can always get behind. Or in front, however he likes it. MORE