’30 Rock’ ended; got its own Ben & Jerry’s flavor

Tina Fey

Okay, who caught the final episode episode of 30 Rock last night? Because IT WAS SO GOOD. Everyone got a happy ending, Jenna sang her Rural Juror song, and Lutz got his Blimpy's. Everyone was as it should be. And to commemorate the end of the show, Ben & Jerry's launched a new flavor in honor of the show and Tina Fey ... What the what?!? We’re very excited to announce our newest flavor in honor of NBC's 30 Rock: Liz Lemon Greek Frozen MORE

NBC is changing up Thursday nights!


While I don't always agree with certain decisions NBC makes (the Jay Leno debacle a shining example of piss-poor planning by the peacock), I will go to my grave praising the network for having some of the smartest, funniest, most well-written shows on TV right now. Unfortunately, most of those great shows seem to be on the bubble now, with most of them getting hesitantly renewed for shortened seasons so they can focus on new shows that will be MORE

Kim Kardashian was on ’30 Rock’ last night …

Kim Kardashian - 30 Rock

... so just assume those rumors about the show ending are entirely true, and also everything you have ever loved about comedy just died in a whore fire of ass and shame. TMZ reports: Say what you will about Kim Kardashian ... but she doesn't hold grudges, because our spies tell us she made peace last night with the actor who has been trashing her -- Jon Hamm. Kim and Jon were both on a special live version of 30 Rock Thursday night. Kim had a MORE

Is Alec Baldwin leaving ’30 Rock’?

The cast of 30 Rock

Remember how Alec Baldwin hinted that he was leaving 30 Rock, but then he wasn't, but then he was, and then he wasn't? Well, now he's apparently leaving the show for real this time, and has revealed that although he's planning on quitting, he has no idea what he's actually going to be doing once he's a free agent. It's official: Alec is now the Lebron James of sitcoms (I'm sure the five straight men who read this blog appreciate the sports MORE

Tina Fey: My daughter is Tracy Jordan

Tina Fey

While promoting her amazing new book, Bossypants (product placement! It's how I make money, bitches), Tina Fey told Conan O'Brien that almost all of the lines for the 30 Rock character, Tracy Jordan (played by Tracy Morgan), were taken from random non-sequitur said by her daughter. Which kind of makes sense, since everything Tracy says sounds like it came out of the mouth of a hilariously weird five-year-old. "It fits perfectly. And I've said MORE