supermassive rainbow – muse vs klaxons

supermassive rainbow – muse vs klaxons
November 29, 2007 TEAM POPBYTES

hey hey! oh yes – i’m still dealing with issues of internet connectivity (ugh – big time) but there was a glimmer of hope this morning – so please continue to keep your fingers crossed! and now without further whining on my part – below is the latest way cool mashup selection from our pal DJ paul v.! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!


We get to highlight a great project this week, with the Kitsune’ Maison Mashed collection. Let’s put it this way: any haute electro you need to know about is on it, and every track gets the excellent bootleg treatment by ElectroSound. The links have the scoop, and the sources are sweet with the Soulwax remix of Klaxons, and those glam-fuzzy vocals from Muse. And if you’re sitting down during this – especially when that sizzling breakdown drops – your butt must be Crazy-Glued or something. Supermassive, indeed!

Listen to Electrosound – Supermassive Rainbow [.mp3 7.5mb]

Enjoy! – DJ Paul V.

The Smash Mix | Indie 103.1FM | Bootie LA | Dragstrip 66

PS to my LA peeps: This bangin’ mashup is the first track on the 10-track Bootie LA CD we have for you this month! Grab it – and all those mash tracks you wanna dance to – at Bootie LA, this Saturday Dec. 1 at Safari Sam’s. And, it’s the A+D Show at Midnight!