superman returns rocked my world

superman returns rocked my world

hey kids! i just got back a little while ago from an advanced screening of superman returns which opens next week and all i can say is WOW – damn it rocked! i had goose bumps from the opening credits and theme music – everyone was cheering – the adrenaline was flowing! my expectations were very high and the film totally delivered! warner bros should be dancing in the streets – they are going to have a huge box-office hit on their hands – everyone should & will go see it! i loved it…i simply can’t say enough about it! i am so happy that i was not disappointed!

my only complaint is that i wanted more! it clocked in over 2.5 hours yet i could have watched plenty more – the time flew by! the groundwork and background has been lovingly laid for this superhero’s return to film…i can’t wait to see what’s in store for an encore! for sure a kick-ass plot is needed for outing number two…this first one was more heavy on ‘set-up’ than plot but that’s fine as long as they deliver an awesome story next time around! major kudos to director bryan singer – gosh i couldn’t imagine directing a movie like this – he didn’t go campy or dark – it was a wonderful balance of heart & action…a beautiful and smart return of our beloved superman!

all around the table everything was polished and perfect! brandon routh
was really great at filling those awfully big superhero shoes – he was super
hot as well – i was so-so on his looks but after seeing him as superman
i’m like damn he was hot – so hot! kate bosworth who i wasn’t sure was a
great fit for ‘lois lane’ pleasantly surprised me – she rocked the
brunette thing quite well! of course kevin spacey was just plain superb
as villian ‘lex luthor’ but my favorite person was parker posey! she
played luthor’s lady ‘kitty kowalski’ and man every scene she was in – she just
nailed it and walked off with it! and i can’t leave out legend eva marie saint (i love ‘on the waterfront’) who plays superman’s earth mom ‘martha kent’ – she is too adorable! what else is there to say except that superman returns is a must-see! a huge recommendation coming from popbytes! i am over & out until tomorrow…rock & blog on – xxoo!

this picture is dedicated with love and respect to christopher and dana reeve