Sundance rejects ‘The Canyons’ and Lindsay Lohan

Sundance rejects ‘The Canyons’ and Lindsay Lohan
January 17, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

To say that Lindsay Lohan made production on The Canyons a trainwreck is something of an understatement: It’s more like a Voltron made of other trainwrecks that combine into the biggest, baddest trainwreck of all. So it probably shouldn’t be too big of a surprise that Sundance decided to pass on The Canyons, and the blame is currently pointed straight at Lindsay. Via Page Six

Lindsay Lohan’s upcoming film The Canyons has been rejected by Sundance. The producers of the campy indie flick are said to be flat out stunned that their movie has been rejected by the annual Park City, Utah film festival and they believe Lohan’s to blame, TMZ reports. Sources told the gossip site that her appearance in the movie has been deemed a major “turn off” by Sundance folks. Perhaps they read the epic New York Times Magazine article that chronicled the madness during filming of the Paul Schrader-directed movie. (Lohan told Page Six the piece was “bulls–t.”)

Wait … you’re telling me they stunt-cast a notoriously unreliable and unprofessional actress with a reputation that proceeds her limited talent, and that somehow back-fired? No way. Honestly, they could have just picked a no-name actress for the part, and not only would she have had about as much draw as LiLo, they also wouldn’t have had to worry about all the crap they had to deal with with Lindsay.

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