studio 60 on the sunset strip rocked!

studio 60 on the sunset strip rocked!
September 18, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

whoa! i loved the premiere episode of studio 60 on the sunset strip (try saying that 3x fast) i hadn’t read much about it (on purpose – i didn’t want to form opinions before seeing it plus y’all know i tend to overhype myself on stuff) but i heard really great positive things through the grapevine about the show – so studio 60 was at the top of new fall television i was looking forward to – IMHO aaron sorkin & tommy schlamme plus everyone else involved really delivered…the opening was amazing – the pace was quick – the dialogue witty and on its toes – and amanda peet who i adore already kicked ass along with the rest of the talented cast & i hope we see some more guest stars like felicity huffman and 36 mafia (who helped add to an already awesome soundtrack)

the one thing i’m not sure about is how it will play across the country – it has a strong entertainment industry ‘vibe’ (like HBO’s entourage, the comeback, and unscripted) which of course will play really well in the los angeles & new york markets…i’m very curious to see how the show will fare over the course of the season! due to time constraints i can really only give a new show one or two chances to grab my attention (and tivo space) but now monday nights are now totally reserved for the studio – i needed a good new show – and if you need a decent recap head over to pop culture junkies! popbytes over & out for now – xxoo!

PS two other shows i’m looking forward to checking out are brothers & sisters and six degrees but i’m already getting a feeling they could be clunkers – i hope they prove me wrong – both do have great lead-ins with desperate housewives & grey’s anatomy