stop jessica simpson & her blonde ambition!

stop jessica simpson & her blonde ambition!
November 12, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

UPDATE her movie’s release date has been pushed back…because it most likely sucks!

hey everybody! i hope you all had a lovely sunday! so i mentioned this back in september but it looks like it’s actually happeningjessica simpson attempting to update one of my favorite films…1989’s working girl that is due to be titled blonde ambition! (poor madonna is being dragged into this mess too…) i really don’t care if she makes a movie about a secretary climbing to the top of the NY business scene – just PLEASE don’t call it a remake! there are plenty of movies that borrow from past cinematic storylines – so ms. simpson should go on with her blonde self and make her dumbass movie but trying to ride the coattails of a film nominated for five academy awards and won for best song (carly simon‘s amazing tune let the river run) is simply wrong! does jessica think (along with daddy joe who’s a producer on this film) that she possibly has a chance at garnering a oscar nomination like ms. melanie griffith did for her performance as ‘tess mcgill’?!? (dream on girlfriend) both harrison ford & sigourney weaver agree with me below – i’m not the best at super imposing images but i think my little poster came out quite well! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

PS everything i talked about above also applies to that darn attempt to remake 85’s adventures in babysitting – all these remakes are pure blasphemy! if anything take a movie that sucked the first time around and make it better! (did anyone ever see the film version of my favorite book ever…george orwell‘s 1984 – it’s horrible!)