Stephen Moyer is auctioning off his ‘Sock of Destiny’

Stephen Moyer is auctioning off his ‘Sock of Destiny’
September 3, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

Remember how Alexander Skarsgård said he never wore a cock sock during his nude scenes on True Blood? Well, Stephen Moyer does, and he’s auctioning it off on Ebay to raise money to benefit those affected by the Gulf Coast Oil Spill. Now you too can run around the house nearly naked while screaming ‘SOO-KAY!

Want to get a little closer to Stephen Moyer‘s private parts–and support a good cause while you’re at it? Today’s your lucky day. The True Blood stud has donated his “Sock of Destiny”–i.e., the sock he uses to cover his genitals during the show’s many nude scenes–for an online auction to benefit the charity Gulf Aid, which provides relief to the victims of the oil spill that ravaged the Gulf Coat earlier this year. The best part? The sock is signed by both Moyer and his co-star/wife Anna Paquin, so authenticity–and perhaps a bit of ickyness–is assured. SOURCE

What? Ha ha ha, that’s crazy. You so crazy, Stephen Moyer. Who would buy a hot famous guy’s schlong scarf? That’s just … ha ha, yeah.

… Hello? TD Bank? I’m gonna need to put a second mortgage on my house. Don’t ask why.