Stephen Colbert formed his Super PAC!

Stephen Colbert formed his Super PAC!
June 30, 2011 JEREMY FEIST
Stephen Colbert

Good news, fans of political satire! Stephen Colbert has successfully appealed to the FEC to file his Super PAC, which means he can now mock the broken campaign finance system that makes it impossible for anyone but the insanely rich to run for office.

“Sixty days ago today, on this very spot, a young man petitioned the FEC for permission to form a ‘super PAC’ to raise unlimited monies, and use those monies to determine the winners of the 2012 elections,” Colbert said. “Can anyone tell me who that young man was? It was me.”

“Now some people have cynically asked, is this some kind of joke? Well I for one don’t think that participating in a democracy is a joke,” Colbert told the crowd. “I don’t think that wanting to know what the rules are is a joke.”

“But I do have one federal election law joke if you’d like to hear it,” Colbert said.

“Knock knock?” Colbert said.

“Who’s there?” asked the crowd.

“Unlimited union and corporate campaign contributions,” Colbert said.

“Unlimited union and corporate campaign contributions who?” the crowd replied.

“That’s the thing, I don’t think I should have to tell you,” Colbert replied. SOURCE

So basically, Stephen can now skewer the completely broken system that makes it impossible for smart people NOT born with a silver spoon in their mouth to run for government while pointing out all the little places where it’s completely broken to the layman. Is it sad that I’m already considering writing him in for the next election?

Stephen Colbert