STAR does best & worst beach bodies!

hey hey! here’s the latest cover of STAR magazine which is featuring thirty-six best & worst beach bodies – although kate hudson gets slapped with a ‘worst beach body’ – i think she has already turned that tummy around – just the other day people were all about her tight abs! sexy man hugh jackman got a ‘best beach body’ stamp of approval – and rightly so – damn he’s a hottie! (i’m also quite sure matthew mcconaughey must be somewhere on the inside pages – his body is killer!) here is STAR’s last beach body cover from almost exactly one year ago…

moving on we’ve got nicole richie up in the top corner – just last night the story broke that she had sought rehab help – right after i went to bed her publicist released a statement that she’s at home in glendale – staying sober (the magazine claims with ‘outpatient treatment’ – more details below) gosh that story got spun really fast – things move along so darn quickly! then there’s jennifer aniston‘s adoption plans – even though she hasn’t adopted yet – i love how they picked a picture with her holding a kid – they’re tricky sometimes! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

nicole richie is getting outpatient treatment, she originally checked in to the treatment facility on may 11, and national enquirer and star have a photo of her (bauer griffin agency) going into the facility on may 19.

despite the carefully-worded denial from nicole richie’s publicist, sources at the national enquirer and star magazine insist they stand by their story 100% that the simple life star recently sought treatment for anorexia and substance abuse.

additionally, the mag’s have damning evidence – photographic proof. both the enquirer and star have pictures of nicole entering the beau monde treatment center in corona del mar, california, on may 19th. ain’t no denying that!

according to the mag’s, richie first checked in to rehab on may 11th. “and yes, she’s at home now,” says a source at both tabs. “as we wrote in the story, she’s now getting outpatient treatment.”

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  • Em

    Hugh Jackman has the best body in the world!!! I absolutely adore him! <3

  • sasha

    other than color whats different between kirsten dunst and caameron diaz’s bods

  • Darla

    That is NOT Kate Hudson’s body. I saw some pics of her on and her stomach DID NOT LOOK LIKE THAT!

  • Vanessa

    there is no way that is kate hudson ! that looks like the put her head on courtney love’s body ! ewwww , seriously she is always working out and has always had killer abs, even after having her bab.

  • nana

    thats probably right after she (kate hudson) gave birth to her child!

  • T

    That is just obvious Photoshopping on Kate’s body. Her abs are smokin! This is BS.

  • A

    That is not Kate’s body, do some research !!!

  • alli

    that’s horrible…is that supposed to make “normal” people feel better if their bodies are better than the celebs on the “worst bodies” list? if so, it’s not working, most of them still look better than me. kirstin dunst is hot. i don’t see what the issue is.

  • ida

    Jen Aniston told Larry King that adoption wasn’t for her.
    and no way is that Kate Hudson’s body.

  • freya

    That was Kate’s body after she had her baby! Good on her for showing her body in a bikini. IT’S NORMAL FOR WOMEN TO HAVE SAGGING BREASTS AND LOOSE SKIN ON THEIR TUMMIES AFTER HAVING BABIES! No wonder there are too many eating disorders if “normal” women still get judged for not being stick thin with perky boobs, and no excess skin anywhere

  • strokeshaped

    Aww such a bad photo! I think they probably just snapped a shot of her running, that’s why there’s the saggy bit at the lower tummy area, plus her hair’s all flowy and her arms are in the running position. She’s cute!

  • tkmaz9804

    FYI – you can have smokin’ abs & extra skin. After 2 pregnancies I’m toned & tight, but the skin didn’t follow. That’s where a tummy tuck comes in, but if she doesn’t care – more power to her.

  • Anonymous12346432

    It looks like that nasty pic they took of Nicole Richie running on the beach last summer, they probably photo shopped that pic onto to Kates pic

  • Sarah

    Who gives a shit

  • amanda

    no, that is kate hudson’s body but the picture was taken only weeks after she gave birth and it’s been a while ago.

  • gvbbh

    FYI tkmaz this ISNT about you and how you are toned and tight..its about it being normal for kate hudson to have loose skin on her stomach after having a baby.

  • starved

    THAT IS NOT KATE HUDSONS BODY. jeez people have really come to the low point when they fix a beautiful person ( with a great stomach for real!) like this. please get a life. AND do some reasearch and u’ll see. kate has a great body! and after she got ryder she did a lot of exercise for skeleton key! remember her killing body in that movie? well you do now.
    so thats some research.

  • any

    the best body is jessica biel

  • Dawn

    Seriously….even if that really is kate hudson’s body ….who cares?!?!?!? She’s human and she’s had a child…I think she’s beautilful. Really are you triing to make people feel bad?!??!?! Publishers: What do you look like in a bikini?