STAR claims nick & jess back together!

STAR claims nick & jess back together!
March 29, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh my goodness! here we go people – today promises to be a day full of gossip here on popbytes – scandals and craziness gone motherhumpin’ wild! first up this morning…below find the very latest cover from STAR magazine – check out that top headline nick & jess get back together – i am dying to hear all about that story – maybe they got back together to figure out their oh so super messy divorce!

then we have the whole main story angie walks out on brad – bust-up – jen says i told you so – i have the actual story and will be posting that around lunchtime – i gotta spread the gossip out or we all might go into pop overload but do stay tuned – i will be soon posting a story about tomkat! plus i still have the whitney houston ‘cracked out’ bathroom story to fill you all in on – oh it’s gonna be a fucking lovely day – popbytes out for now..xxoo!