April 19, 2004 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey boys + girls – oh this struck me as funny – sothey were interviewing the olsen twins – and they were asked what they thought of the john stamos split – and suddenly it dawned on me – one of them (maybe both) are perfect for him – and they turn 18 in june – so it would all be legal and stuff! :)

i keep hearing some promo on tv that says meg ryan wants to get back with ex hubby dennis quaid -well shit honey – you should have thought about that before you fucked russell crowe and yr career while you were at it – sorry meg – altho i did ring up yr xmas ornaments a few years back in nyc – and i loved you as betsy on AS THE WORLD TURNS – but how could you do that to sweet hot dennis? i hope he doesnt take yr ass back – and now russell is married – what ms meg to do?

THE RESTAURANT returns tonight to NBC with sexy chef rocco – almost about to lose the place as his partner sues him for making no money – oh really? it rally was a restaurant? looked more like a nightmare from cirque du soleil to me! i for sure will tune in to see this train wreck of a manhattan dining experience!

rachel on FRIENDS may go to paris – doesnt this remind you of another show recently ending where the gal almost ended up in paris – screw paris! sorry!

ok and now that WOMAN – we all know who i mean – yes – that lopez thing – she had the balls to show up to the MAN ON FIRE premiere – that stars denzel washington, dakota fanning (i love this little girl! – like oprah said – who are you little girl? – she is an old soul – with a bright smile!) – and guess who else is stars – that awful troll marc anothony – can you name a song he recently did? come on try – see – you couldnt even think of an old song of his – because he sucks – so maybe this is couple bliss – nasty troll – with skank latino woman j lo – I HATE HER!