‘Spiderman 3’ was way tight!

‘Spiderman 3’ was way tight!

good evening y’all! i’ll admit right off the bat that i’m not a huge fan of spiderman – i’m more of a superman & batman type of guy – but i did manage to see spiderman 3 this afternoon with my dear mom (who also edits/corrects my posts!) damn – the movie freakin’ rocked! i really wasn’t that into the first film – i didn’t see the second one – so i was surprised by how much i enjoyed this third outing! (my mom also agreed plus this was her first time w/ spidey) the film was tight all around – the plot was great – the special effects were incredible – everything came to a nice climax – i don’t see the need to make a 4th but i’m sure that’s already being talked about…

tobey mcguire, kirsten dunst and hottie james franco were all great! thomas haden church made an awesome ‘sandman’ – the one person who i was so-so on was dallas bryce howard – her part was pretty small but i hated her blonde hair – it looked off to me aka wrong! i’ve also got to mention topher grace who is just so darn adorable! by the numbers it’s pulling in – the movie is already a huge success – and deservedly so! i wonder if the upcoming pirates of the caribbean (may 25th) will be able to pull ahead of ‘spiderman’ – my bet is probably not…

anyways – sadly tonight is my last night on the east coast – i fly out really early tomorrow (oh my word – i need to wake up @ 5:30am!!!) when i get back (around 12:30pm – when flying back west the time change is so at your advantage) all will be back to normal…including ‘pop nosh’ & my ‘monday .mp3’ post and i’ve already got my trailer picked out for tuesday morning – it’s a hot one! i’ll be taking more trips this way – hopefully i’ll make it to my friend jamie’s wedding in september! popbytes over & out for tonight – much to love to all as always – xxoo!