spice girls – headlines – brand new video

spice girls – headlines – brand new video
November 2, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good evening! oh my word it was such an overly long day & i’m super tired but i do have enough energy left to play my brand new game halo 3 – i got an xbox 360 a few weeks ago which i’m in love with – it freakin’ rocks – the graphics are beyond stunning – i got all immersed in bioshock for hours last weekend! (i’ll admit to being a bit of a video game geek) so tonight i thought to myself why not just toss up the newly released spice girls video for their single headlines (friendship never ends) and then play video games for the rest of the evening!

oh yes it’s great to see all the spices back together again but their first new single is a total bore – and the video only makes things worse (witness the lack of excitement below for yourself) i wish they would’ve come back with something faster & more upbeat but hopefully this isn’t the only new track we’ll be hearing from the spice gang! i can’t wait for next month (dec 7th) to see them do their thing live in los angeles! ok – i’m off to play my game – popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!