Spencer Pratt is vewy, vewy sowwy!

Spencer Pratt is vewy, vewy sowwy!
November 5, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

Well, now that Spencer Pratt and his inflata-wife have managed to simultaneously burn $10 million as well as every bridge ever, Spencer is running around apologizing on Twitter to anyone and everyone he thinks will be able to give him a job again. And you know he meant it because he used @replies and hashtags and everything! Awwww, did someone realize they’re a talentless hack? Yeah, that must just suck, huh?

@MTV thanks for the job. In the market for another job please let me know if you need any reality stars. I am open to playing a “Hero”…

@cynthialouann09 @LaurenConrad because I need a TV show and LC has one so I am prepared to make peace with her to be on @mtv again! duh

Ooooo, I know the perfect show for these two assholes! It’s called Who Wants To Push Speidi Down An Up Escalator? The rules are simple: You get a bunch of contestants, and then you let America decide who gets to push Heidi Montag and Spencer down an up escalator. And then America votes who goes next, and then they vote again and again and again … USA! USA!