Someone threw a drink at Kim Kardashian!

Someone threw a drink at Kim Kardashian!
October 8, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

Let me start off by saying that violence against women is never funny. Unless it involves clowns. Then it’s hilarious (just kidding). That being said, I kind of love this story about Kim Kardashian and her sister Khloé getting a smackdown from a jealous woman after her boyfriend asked to get a picture with them. Honestly, I firmly believe that the Kardashians are the most useless people ever. They’re not even fun to write about. Except for now. Squee!

The Kardashian clan was at Juliet last night, when a male fan asked for a pic with Kim. His girlfriend flew off the handle and threw a drink at Kim. Scott Disick and Khloé jumped into the fracas and in the scuffle, Khloé’s ring flew off and skidded across the floor. Our spies inside the club say Khloé literally dove across the floor to retrieve it … which she eventually did. SOURCE

Oh God, Khloé? Dove? Why did I suddenly get the mental image of a whale breaching the surface of the ocean? In all fairness, maybe the poor girl just mistook Khloé for Godzilla and Kim for Minya or something. “HOLY SHIT, IT’S GODZILLA! Quick, someone get director Michael Bay and five metric tons of dynamite, STAT!”