some blender gossip for y’all!

some blender gossip for y’all!
January 4, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey hey! oh my gosh – so this morning i mentioned that i had to deal with this ‘thing’ i was all nervous about but in the end it went great!!! hopefully soon i’ll be able to share the fruits of my worrying! overall things have been going really well lately – i sincerely hope that 2007 is a truly amazing year! anyways the latest issue of blender is out and wraps up some of ’06 and provides some new fresh juice! below are some quotes (i love to curse in traffic too) from handsome singer josh groban – now there’s a totally sweet (and cute – i wonder if he’s hung?) guy that maybe britney spears should take a second look at…he certainly does have his act together unlike messy ms. spears! i wouldn’t say his music is my cup of tea but he does have a simply gorgeous voice! i’m just about to settle into a new episode of ugly betty – oh i love her! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

on his favorite sex positions: “my taste in sex is comfortable. i think anytime you can find a comfortable position, that’s always good.”

on his neurotic need to be clean-up and crack his joints: “part of my whole obsessive compulsive, overanalytical thing is that i’m a total cleanliness freak, so i don’t pick my nose that much, and if i do it’s really only to get foreign objects or erasers out of there. but i crack things. i crack my knuckles. i crack my fingers and my neck. i can crack pretty much any part of my body. i’m my own chiropractor.”

on cursing in traffic: “i love to curse. ‘stay in your lane f-cktard.’ that’s a good one. f-ck just doesn’t do it anymore.”