so long to the gipper

so long to the gipper

its odd – i feel slightly more emotional than i would have thought – expect andexpanded post friday on one of the greatest love stories of our time…god bless ronnie and nancy… (and ray charles – and my dear great aunt martha)


ok here goes – i didnt expect to see the ceremony in simi valley – and im so glad i did – its been really odd – i really have been kinda upset – not that i loved reagan politics – he is just the first president i can remember – one of my strongest childhood memories is when he was shot in 1980 – i was so mad that day as a 4 yr old boy – my cartoons were not on – and my dear departed grandama (mimi) was there that day – it certainly doesnt seem like 24 yrs ago – time sure does fly – and when i heard he passed away last week – i just didnt quite get the scope of it – well it’s a only 1 week later – and i get the full scope now for sure – i was enthralled with all three children’s speeches – i have always been a huge patty davis fan – and im so glad that she was able to make peace with her parents – and be there right beside dear mom nancy – i was so impressed and proud of all the american ‘pomp and circumstance’ – the dutch sure did have a warm and heartfelt send-off – and yes one more time – god bless nancy reagan – she stood by that man for over 50 yrs – with 10 dedicated to caring for him with alzheimers (in my opinion – the cruelest disease out there) – he died a long time ago when he could no longer rememeber his family – and now he has physically died – i respect and admire nancy as a strong woman – and as a true rock and icon for this great country – the poor thing must be beat – i was especially touched when she said her last goodbyes – and collapsed – only to be comforted by her children – i dont think that she will have the will or strength to be here to much longer – her heart belongs to ronnie – and i know she cant wait to be with her husband again – i know on popbytes my main rules are no politics or religion – but this goes far beyond politics – and i couldnt pass this up – may god keep ron – and bless nancy – popbytes respectfully out…

ps popbytes just hit 11,075!