so long jazzy girl!

so long jazzy girl!

oh i was beginning to worry – you know you wake up in the am – and yr all like so sure jasmine will leave – but as the day goes on the conspiracy and a million other things drag you down – and then its on at 9pm – seemed so late – and it was an hour lasting long enough for the record books – i would have slapped you silly if you were here – they kept us waiting like lab rats! so im going over all the scenarios like a crazed person – fantasia and diana – fantasia and jasmine – jasmine and diana – i just didnt know what would happen – i guess this whole ‘sweating it out’ – surprises and twists – is part of the appeal and ‘fun’ of the show – but i think i need a therapist soon and let all the pop culture sickness gush out of me!! if i lived back in the day (altho they didnt have this stuff) – they would have bleeded it out of me – or used leeches – oi vey – i would have be burned at the stake – a pop culture witch!

so in the end it was all ok – and fantasia is to perform in the 2nd spot next week – a much better position in my eyes – and its live from the kodak theater – a hop skip and away from my very humble hollywood home! i love this tacky ass town! i love what goes on – this is where i belong! who would have known??? the answer was there all along and im beyond giddy like a school girl with excitement looking towards june pop events!! (paris and nicole!)

ok now im all over idol and onto abc and the bachelor – hottie football boy jessie best be choosing tara – and thats it!!!! hes dumb but adorable!!! and shes very cool – jess b is nice too but sorry!

ok more tomorrow or later if i feel inspired by the bachelor! and shrek 2 is coming out like now – and i cant fucking wait – everyone wants to see this – even my dad! this one is gonna bust the record set by that christ movie…

oh and a huge btw – the new welcome to sunny florida – tori amos live dvd is all one could hope and want in a concert dvd – it looks brilliant – tori is at the top of her game – she just rocks – and if you dont get i feel really sorry for yr ass – im all to lucky to be one of the fans – she is the best! and watch the dvd and you will so get the title – and you will get a bonus cd with 6 new tracks! b sides to her last album scarlets walk

check out her updated site! www.toriamos.com