snooki is on the best diet ever!

snooki is on the best diet ever!
June 17, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

Snooki, America’s favorite angry drunken Oompa-Loompa, has decided to get herself all skinny through diet and exercise. And by diet, I mean “she eats cookies for breakfast and lunch”. And by exercise, I mean…Well, nothing really. I doubt the girl even knows what a free weight is. But the saddest thing of all: it actually works.

The “Jersey Shore” star told Access Hollywood on Wednesday that she’s already lost 5 pounds with Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet, and hopes to lose 5-10 more.

“I actually noticed that celebrities were taking Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet and I thought, ‘This has got to work,'” she said. […]

“I eat six cookies a day and then I have like chicken for dinner, or fish,” Snooki explained. “Something healthy.” SOURCE

A freaking cookie diet? Really?! I mean granted, it’s still better than her last diet, which involved taking a dip in her swimming pool of melted nacho cheese, then laying down in her bed of crushed up Doritos and fried chicken. Granted, she still needs to shower in 7-Up, but hey, how else is she going to wash all the grease out of her fat folds?