oh happy day – NOT – its that gal (or whore) 35th birthday tomorrow – and i wanted to one of the
first of the well-wishers – so happy birthday skanky lady – oh it was great to see a montage of her
last few birthdays – p diddy, ben, and now marc and their satan child coming…i wonder if j ho will
ever get back in my good graces – i dont think her next sap flick with richard gere
shall we dance? will do it – she needs a hit dance track to get us up and shimmying – hands
up ck!

on a semi related note – its been reported that ben affleck is indeed dating jennifer
of alias – they met on ‘daredevil’ – and i guess now they are in love – she apparently
broke up with sexy and cute as hell michael vartan – her alias co-star AND on-air romantic
partner – ben has been spotted visiting jennifer on location – and im sure it will all be confirmed
soon enough – so lets see what happens…

but i will muse on how incestuous this all is – lemme tell ya why – jenny lopez is filming
(probably wrapped by now) – monster in-law – and it stars the legendary & brilliant jane
(hello popbytes loves…’barbarella’, ‘agnes of god’, ‘9-5’) – this is jane’s comeback
after her awful marriage to creepy ted turner (yeah if i had lots of money i would so want to
make a revisionist film of the civil war – how odd that whole gods & generals thing – mira
must have been desperate…) jeez im so digressing – the film also stars – yes michael
vartan – so its like – ‘oh that chick that just broke up with you – she is doing the guy i was going
to marry not too long ago’ – maybe these two will bond over love miseries & woes and end up
together – and a warning to jenny garner – ‘girl be careful – yr heading down the same path as the
other jenny – first scott, then michael, and now ben? i like you – so dont fuck it up with yr
hormones’ how odd ‘celeb’ love is! these people must just live on cloud nine – in & out of love with
a snap and a twist! weird!

and quickly – catwoman got such horrible reviews – im devestated – and i can now wait till
the DVD (sorry sirens halle & sharon) – but the new bourne movie with drip matt damon – got
excellent reviews – and the lovely joan allen joins the cast – altho i hated the first bourne flick
with a burning passion – but now with great reviews and joan – im very tempted but next week comes
the village – and i love me some sigourney and adrien brody – and scary movies rules – so
next week im going to the movies – but no worries i will set the tivo – so i can keep up with all
the tv!

i called it – lori left the big brother house – but at least the gal snagged that 10k – best moment
was when twins adria and natalie were revealed to her – she had no clue! and then cutie drew won
head of household so tune into on sat night to see who he puts up for eviction…

one more thing – can i please tell you again – how much i LOVE nip/tuck – ok popbytes out –
much love to all!