Sizzle Reel: Alyssa Edwards’ ‘Beyond Belief’

Sizzle Reel: Alyssa Edwards’ ‘Beyond Belief’
February 4, 2014 JEREMY FEIST

Alyssa Edwards

Last year, we got news that World of Wonder was possibly producing a reality show featuring Drag Race alum Alyssa Edwards and her Texas dance company, Beyond Belief. Well, now they’ve seen fit to bless us with the sizzle reel of her prospective show, and it looks pretty damn good. I love how it’s all about Alyssa having to reign in a bunch of diva bitches, and I mean really: Someone has to this the green light? They put Duck Dynasty on the air, and that crap fest is about a group of homophobes killing birds by tricking them into sex. Alyssa’s sizzle reel is already a bajillion times better than anything else on air, I personally cannot wait until we’re seeing clips of her show on The Soup.

This extra special Alyssa’s Secret spills the T on the super secret (until now) “Beyond Belief” – a sizzle reel for a potential new TV show starring Justin Johnson (aka Alyssa Edwards.) Set at his dance studio (Beyond Belief Dance Company) in Mesquite, Texas, the drama and the dancing doesn’t just get cute … it gets drop dead gorgeous!

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