‘six feet under’ almost buried

‘six feet under’ almost buried
August 14, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

gosh – it’s all still so sad – HBO won’t be the same without our dear sad fisher family aka six feet under – and once i saw the image below – i knew i just had to post on tonight & episode #62 – i so love ‘vanessa diaz’ – played so brilliantly by justina machado – i really hope she and ‘rico’ will come full circle and embrace their marriage again – you can’t expect many happy endings from this show – but seeing rico and vanessa together and happy is a must for me! anyways tomorrow is monday – gosh i can feel the good times already :( popbytes out for now xxoo…

As David’s fears take over, Keith tries to protect him – and the boys; Billy attends to his sister; Claire goes on a drunken harassment spree and pushes Ted away; Rico pushes for a talk about the business; George tries to help Ruth with Maya; Nate urges Brenda to embrace a taboo; and Vanessa sees the future in a funeral home.