sinead o’connor throws down her arms

sinead o’connor throws down her arms
October 9, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

ah i guess it just turned out to be a music filled weekend here at popbytes – i just got finished listening to the latest – reggae – yes you heard me – reggae album from our dear siren sinead o’connor – she has sure had her many ups & downs – but i have always stood by her and her undeniable talent as a singer and songwriter – plus i actually really enjoy most of her music – she sure does have a unique voice that really isn’t like any other – oh i love ‘the lion and the cobra’ – and this latest release of thrown down your arms is sure something you might not expect from ms. o’connor (the album also includes a awesome rendition of bob marley’s ‘war’ – ironic don’t you think? that’s the song she sang before she ripped up the pope back in october of ’92 on SNL – i guess we could say the lady is coming full circle) – but i was oh so pleasantly surprised considering i’m not a huge reggae fan – it’s a little too laid back for popbytes – but i really enjoyed this album – listen to an .mp3 below – quite groovy stuff – sinead is also touring with this album! but will really only hit NYC in the states (CK you MUST go!) – i am so bummed – would love to see her live! maybe i need to get to new york city when she comes – she is legendary in my mind and quite gorgeous in a musical pixie sorta way…anyways the weekend is almost drawing to a close – drats! what pop craziness will ensue this week? last week was a doozy – who knows i guess soon all will be revealed as i like to say – rock & blog on…let’s all make this week a good one! xxoo ;)

» listen to sinead’s marcus garvey (.mp3 4.7mb)

Some albums, as Van Morrison once said, demand to be made. Throw Down Your Arms is the record that Sinead has been building towards for fifteen years, and perhaps the finest work of career. It is the human voice used as an instrument of spiritual healing. Irish philosopher Mark Patrick Hederman wrote: ‘Singing is a way of proclaiming a better world, a refusal to give in to the grimness of the past’. It is Sinead’s hope that people find comfort and inspiration in these songs, as she does, and that, in making this record, she has gone some small way toward rescuing God from religion.