Selena Gomez made the #StarsDance!

Selena Gomez made the #StarsDance!
November 10, 2013 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

Selena Gomez Stars Dance Tour

If you told me say five years ago that I would someday end up at a Selena Gomez concert, I would have told you NEVER! But my gosh, ever since I took notice of Selena’s 2010 track “A Year Without Rain,” I’ve slowly become a fan and this past week I did find myself at Selena Gomez concert, I might even be a Selenator! Selena brought her Stars Dance Tour to downtown Los Angeles’ Staples Center to support her latest album, Stars Dance, which is definitely one of this year’s best pop releases!

Before the show I had the chance to meet Selena backstage for a minute with my pal Mike Wass (many thanks to a buddy of ours for hooking that up for us), she was beyond sweet and totally cute in person—of course I had to tell her how much I loved Spring Breakers, which you all must see if you haven’t already. After the quick meet and greet we grabbed a bite to eat at The Farm with a super fun and festive gang that also included a couple of tasty (and quite strong) drinks. By the time Selena took to the stage around 8:30, we were totally primed and pumped to see Ms. Gomez.

Thankfully we had incredible seats with plenty of room to dance when we needed to! I was glad when she ended up playing a lot of material from Stars Dance since that’s what I’m most familiar with, I especially loved “Write Your Name,” “Love Will Remember,” and of course “Slow Down” (one of the best songs playing on the radio right now). I do think Selena is more of a studio singer but there was for sure some live vocal action going down and she more than managed to pull it off. I had such a great time and know I can safely say (without any embarrassment or shame) that I stan for Selena Gomez! If you haven’t checked out Stars Dance (iTunes) yet, please do—it’s so much fun! For a more in-depth and professional review of the evening, go check out my pal Mike’s post over on Idolator.

Selena Gomez | Stars Dance Tour | Staples Center | November 6, 2013
Bang Bang Bang
Round & Round
Like a Champion
Stars Dance
Write Your Name
Roar (Katy Perry Cover)
Love You Like a Love Song
Love Will Remember
Dream (Priscilla Ahn Cover)
Who Says
Save The Day

Come & Get It
Slow Down

Michael Knudsen, Selena Gomez and Mike Wass

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