scissor sisters update!

scissor sisters update!

good evening! every once in a while we do need to check-in on our dear scissor sisters – they just taped a bit for the UK’s channel 4 transmission show (airing this friday) where they were joined by yoko ono (who still looks pretty damn decent for being 73!) & beth ditto the big girl from gossip (their last album standing in the way of control kicks ass – a must listen if you haven’t already – the band was also featured on a hot mashup with elastica here on popbytes!) ana matronic & jake shears along with the other ‘sisters’ stopped by to perform their new single kiss you off which releases overseas on may 28th – i love this track since ana really does command things on this one! (i posted the amazing video back in april)

quick funny story – when i was out shopping on long island (at the smith haven mall) i went into that store FYE (which refused to carry the band’s latest album ta-dah) so i asked the clerk if they happened to have it – first he asked me if ‘scissor sisters’ was a band (i did my best not to roll my eyes and answered yes) he looked it up – alas there were no scissors in the house – gosh he doesn’t even know what he’s missing out on! (along with the rest of the people forced to shop there for lack of a better alternative – ugh – they need to shop online!)

anyways i found a recent performance (posted below) from the band on some UK show called ‘parkinson’ where ana and the rest of the gang kissed off the crowd – she is way fierce! (and of course mr. jake is so adorable) popbytes over & out for now – oh my word the thought of monday tomorrow is a total bummer but i’m looking forward to the third season finale of desperate housewives tonight! (yes i’ve managed to keep the show in my line-up although i know a lot of people have abandoned the gals of wisteria lane (joey?!?) but not me!)

PS i had a lovely brunch this morning with my pal tabloid whore and of course i tried to talk her back into restarting her blog – gosh i miss her posts! she’s great and said to say ‘hello’ to everyone!