How Random: Sara Bareilles fired Jonah Hill’s brother after he picked a fight with Sharon Osbourne

How Random: Sara Bareilles fired Jonah Hill’s brother after he picked a fight with Sharon Osbourne
January 29, 2014 JEREMY FEIST

Sara Bareilles

Sometimes, a story will get thrown our way that, for the life of me, makes absolutely no friggin’ sense. A story that seems like a mish-mash of weird ideas and random celebs you never thought would cross ways. A story that makes you just go, “wait, huh?” This is that story: Apparently, Sara Bareilles fired her manager Jordan Feldstein (who happens to be Jonah Hill‘s brother) after he got into a fight with Sharon Osbourne. And yes, DRINKS WERE THROWN. Via The Hollywood Reporter

“Sharon walked up to him pointing her finger and screaming,” an eyewitness tells THR. With Bareilles seated nearby, Feldstein and The Talk host apparently got into a heated exchange that resulted in Osbourne tipping over a plate of food on his lap and throwing water at his head. The fight apparently erupted over comments Feldstein made about Jack Osbourne and his wife. Says a source: “You don’t f— with the Osbournes.”

Oh, and just for kicks, here’s Cyndi Lauper to explain it all because why not? Via ExtraTV

Lauper said, “I love Sharon, but after last night I kind of love her more.” Cyndi explained the confrontation had something to do with Feldstein reportedly making a crack about Sharon’s son, Jack Osbourne. “Sharon dumped some stuff on him (Jordan Feldstein) like a plate of food and some water to wake him up and said, ‘Don’t f**k with my family.’”

Let’s see here … Sara Bareilles firing her manager? Check. Said manager being Jonah Hill’s brother? Check. Jonah Hill’s brother making a crack about Jack Osbourne? Check. Sharon Osbourne throwing a drink in his face for it? Check. Cyndi Lauper just watching this whole thing go down and being all like “F*CK YEAH!” Check. And Cyndi Lauper was in 12 Deadly Cyns … And Then Some with Aida Turturro who was in Sleepers with Kevin Bacon. There, I think I just finished the most messed up game of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon ever.


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