saddam hussein has been executed

saddam hussein has been executed
December 29, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

yes it’s all over for saddam hussein…the story just broke – you can read more over at CNN (or AP on yahoo) either way you feel about the whole war over in iraq – you have to admit that saddam was a very evil & bad man…there’s no question about that! (even though i don’t support the death penalty – this seems like an exception – he got what he deserved) it all seemed to happen so quick – i figured this whole ordeal would drag on for a while but alas he was executed by hanging early saturday morning – i really hope & pray there’s not a violent backlash against our brave troops who are stationed over there – i also hope we see an end to this whole nightmare of a war but i support our troops 150%! popbytes over & out for now – xxoo

PS i was semi-torn if i should even post about his execution since i rarely (if ever) talk about politics or ‘real’ news – but i figured this is a big story and there’s a little less evil in the world tonight