Sacha Baron Cohen: Out of Freddie Mercury’s biopic

Sacha Baron Cohen: Out of Freddie Mercury’s biopic
July 23, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Sacha Baron Cohen and Freddie Mercury

If you didn’t already hear about this, Sacha Baron Cohen was supposed to star in an upcoming biopic about the late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, because let’s face it: The guy is super method and actually kind of looks like Mercury himself. Well, apparently the producers decided they wanted a more family-friendly movie, and now Sacha is outtie. Via HuffPo

Three years after Sacha Baron Cohen was cast as Freddie Mercury in a film about the late Queen lead singer’s life, Cohen has dropped the project. According to Deadline‘s Nikki Finke, the issue was a creative one, as Cohen wanted the film to be an R-rated look at Mercury’s life and death, while the band — which has “script and director approval,” per Finke — had hoped for PG feature.

So basically, neither one of them could compromise on this? Are you telling me neither one of the could settle for a PG-13 at least? I mean, this is Freddie Mercury we’re talking about, so there has to be some amount of filth in their, but it’s not like you need to go all the way on this one. Weird.

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