röyksopp asks what else is there?

röyksopp asks what else is there?
December 23, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh my gosh! the big holiday weekend is finally here! and we have next weekend too! wild! sometimes the holidays bring me down but this year i am keeping up with good cheer – i had the most delicious lunch today with some great work friends over at sonora cafe down on labrea – the food was simply out of this world but the company i was in was even better! we all had a blast & rang in the weekend in style – i highly recommend checking sonora out if you are in los angeles…

anyways i recently discovered this really cool band röyksopp by catching the video for their hit single what else is there? from their latest album the understanding which i believe was released back in july – the song features guest vocals from karin dreijer – her voice so reminded me of kate bush that i instantly fell in love – and i think you will too…so i posted the video below – please do enjoy and since popbytes is always around – i shall be posting all this weekend…my mantra is to write something each and everyday if i can…and i haven’t skipped a day in a long time – so that does make me happy – besides i do try to check in more than once a day when possible…anyways much love to all on this glorious friday night! popbytes over & out…xxoo