Russell Brand called out Hugo Boss’ Nazi uniforms!

Russell Brand called out Hugo Boss’ Nazi uniforms!
September 9, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Russell Brand

Fun fact: turns out, there are tons of businesses and products we use today that had serious Nazi ties. Seriously, look up Volkswagen, Coco Chanel and Hugo Boss. All of them had pretty damning ties to Nazi Germany. A few nights ago, comedian / actor Russell Brand decided to bring up the fact that Hugo Boss made military uniforms for the Nazis during World War II during the British GQ’s Men of the Year Awards even though they were sponsoring the whole event. Turns out, they didn’t love that and banned him from the after-party. To be fair though, you kind of made clothes for one of the people who made the holocaust happen, so … ya know, maybe you just have to take your licks on that one.


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