RuPaul Presents The CoverGurlz!

RuPaul Presents The CoverGurlz!
January 20, 2014 JEREMY FEIST
RuPaul Presents The CoverGurlz

RuPaul Presents The CoverGurlz

Considering how many professional singers ended up on the latest season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, you’d figure that a few of them would release a song to tie in with the season. Well, I guess they decided to take it a step further because RuPaul actually is releasing an entire album (on January 28th) called RuPaul presents The CoverGurlz, featuring all fourteen queens (AND THE PIT CREW!) covering songs from RuPaul. Naturally, Adore Delano, Courtney Act and Kelly Mantle do well, but surprisingly, Vivacious and Darienne Lake both REALLY hit it out of the park on this one, which makes me confident they may stick around for the long haul on the upcoming sixth season. YAY! The tracklist, via iTunes if you’re so inclined to pre-order it.

  1. Let’s Turn The Night – RuPaul & The Pit Crew
  2. Ladyboy – Gia Gunn
  3. Tranny Chaser – Joslyn Fox
  4. I Bring The Beat – Vivacious
  5. Superstar – Adore Delano
  6. Click Clack (Make Dat Money) – Bianca Del Rio
  7. Destiny Is Mine – Milk
  8. Devil Made Me Do It – Ben De La Creme
  9. Lick It Lollipop – Darienne Lake
  10. Glamazon – Magnolia Crawford
  11. Main Event – Kelly Mantle
  12. Champion – Courtney Act
  13. Jealous Of My Boogie – Laganja Estranja
  14. Cover Girl – Trinity K. Bonet
  15. Sexy Drag Queen – April Carrion feat. Jipsta