rockstar INXS – decent!

rockstar INXS – decent!

hey kids! so last night i was pleasantly surprised by the first episode of rockstar INXS – and dana below was the first of fifteen to leave – she wasn’t bad – just not a fit for INXS – the overall talent is what has me now hooked on this show – i thought everyone was pretty decent to start (and some hot guys as well!) – it wasn’t about if they are talented or not (i think all of ’em could at least sing) – it was more about finding the right person for INXS (the winner will become new lead singer – recording their new album & going on tour with them) – but i will complain to CBS about one thing – i had absolutely no clue it was going to be on three days a week! (maybe i wasn’t paying attention) that’s another huge commitment on top of 3 day a week big brother 6 – but i guess at least they are on the same network so no tivo conflicts will arise – so it looks to be a summer with CBS…check it all out tonight – both shows are indeed on tonight…popbytes out for now!

Following the unexpected, nerve-racking first performance, three hopefuls were up for elimination: Dana, the 30-year-old musician (as well as yoga instructor and dancer) from Reseda, California; J.D., the 31-year-old musician from Oaksville, Ontario, Canada; and Suzie, the 28-year-old musician from Toronto. After a tough deliberation, Dana’s hopes were the first to be dashed, when INXS felt that she just couldn’t get it together in time to record with the band.