rock on melissa etheridge!

rock on melissa etheridge!
February 19, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh it’s another rainy saturday! and monday is a holiday! well i didn’t mention much about the grammy’s – it was the second lowest rated grammys ever – it was ok but i for sure think a real shining moment was when my dear melissa etheridge took the stage with the young and talented joss stone and did an amazing rendition of the janis joplin classic piece of my heart and melissa who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer – rocked out – bald and beautiful – melissa’s stirring performance was a testament to her courage and bravery – and i have always loved her music – she is a true musician and an excellent role model – and was so good to see her back at the top of her game –

and tomorrow night she is to be on dateline where stone phillips will interview melissa on her battle with cancer – she is recovering and obviously still has the spark that drives people to her! you rock on girl!