Robert Kardashian’s journals are still causing drama

Robert Kardashian’s journals are still causing drama
April 5, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

The Kardashians

A couple months ago, diary entries from the late Robert Kardashian‘s journal started making their way online, which basically called out Kris Jenner as a terrible mother, alleging that she abused, threatened and neglected her children while she basically looked after no one but herself. Well, the Kardashian family is now suing Ellen Pearson, Robert’s widow and the woman who released the entries, for slander and libel and- Oh, wait, they’re only suing her for copyright infringement? WHAT THE HELL? RadarOnline reports…

However, the narrative shifted considerably Thursday after a copyright infringement lawsuit was filed by the Kardashian family against Pearson, acknowledging the existence of the diary and demanding compensation of “not less than $500,000.”

In the lawsuit the family’s attorney argues that Pearson did not have legal ownership of the “diary” and therefore was not permitted to profit from its sale. (The lawsuit does not state that the family was unaware of the diaries prior to publication.)

But now that the family’s lawsuit has them acknowledging the existence of Robert Kardashian’s diary, it raises this question: Do the Kardashians contend the accusations Robert made in his personal journal are “all lies” and “false stories”?

So basically, they’re not saying that the stories are true or false, so much as they just want a cut of the profits from them. WHAT. THE. HELL. Seriously, if someone said that you beat your kids and you basically scarred them for life, would your reaction be “None of that is true, and I’ll prove it!” or “Hey, I should be making money off these allegations. GIMME GIMME GIMME!” If it’s the latter, congratulations! You have no business raising children.

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