r.i.p. coretta scott king

r.i.p. coretta scott king
January 31, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

wow is all i can say…what a life & what a fine lady – coretta scott king passed away today at the age of 78 – she was an incredibly smart & graceful woman – plus had a long career in human & civil rights after the assassination of her husband martin luther king jr. in 1968 – over 35 years ago – time sure does fly – god bless her spirit & soul and i so know that she is back with her martin once again…ms. king you will be missed more than you know…

There is a spirit and a need and a man at the beginning of every great human advance. Every one of these must be right for that particular moment of history, or nothing happens.

Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more than it injures the hated.

I believe all Americans who believe in freedom, tolerance and human rights have a responsibility to oppose bigotry and prejudice based on sexual orientation.