rihanna’s ‘russian roulette’ gets remixed

rihanna’s ‘russian roulette’ gets remixed
December 14, 2009 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good morning! i’ve been trying to work on my top ten favorite albums of the year (here’s my 2008 list) the initial list has been made but i’m torn whether to include rihanna or not … i’m in love with her new album rated R but when compared to her last effort good girl gone bad – it pales in comparison – however there really was no way to outdo that album … it’s one of my personal favorites and produced a number of amazingly hot pop singles!

it’s tough to narrow a year down to a mere ten albums – i’m totally going to have ‘honorable mentions’! at least i know which one’s going to take the top spot – an album i was obsessed with – listening to it 2-3x a day for literally three months straight (i know some of you might have a good guess!) the list will be posted right at the end of the month! for now please enjoy this smokin’ dance remix of rihanna’s russian roulette – i wasn’t overly crazy about this track when it first came out but it turned out to be a grower! popbytes over & out for now … xoxo

russian roulette | tony moran & warren rigg club mix