Rihanna strips down for her “Pour It Up” video

Rihanna strips down for her “Pour It Up” video
October 3, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Rihanna "Pour It Up"

Earlier this week, we posted a picture of Rihanna‘s butt from Instagram, because (A) celebrity asses print money, and (B) I’m not sure if you noticed this, but it’s been a painfully slow news week and at this point I’d do just about anything to pad out the number of posts per day. Anyway, here’s the follow up to that post: Rihanna’s (semi NSFW) music video for “Pour It Up,” which features her pole dancing and throwing around singles. Also, there’s some twerking in there, which would be cool if it weren’t for the fact that us white people have pretty much driven it into the f**king ground with our flat-assed nonsense. We are literally the worst, and we apologize for that.

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